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We are sorry that the page or document you were looking for cannot be found.

This may have occurred for a number of reasons;

  • If you typed the webpage address (URL) into your browser by hand, please make sure you entered it correctly
  • The page you have requested may no longer exist, or may have been moved to a new location
  • The page or document may have been deleted because it is out of date
  • If you followed a link on our website, we are very keen to fix the problem - please send an email to giving details of the link you were following and the page where you found it
  • If you followed a link from another website, it may be incorrect or out of date - we suggest you contact the managers of that website
  • Our website may be experiencing problems (or maintenance) so that the page is temporarily unavailable

We suggest that you:

  • consult our A-Z index
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  • use our search engine or any general Internet search engine

As a result of website maintenance, Defra pages may from time to time have their addresses changed (we aim to keep this to a minimum) and you may need to update any links or bookmarks you have created.

Avian flu, wildlife and countryside

  • Information on avian influenza (bird flu) is now at a slightly different address.
  • We have recently re-organised the Wildlife and Countryside pages on our website. Information is now at different addresses (and some old content has been removed). Please use the navigation (or the site A-Z index) to locate the information you're looking for.
  • We regret any inconvenience caused as a result of these necessary changes.

News releases, consultations

  • We only retain news releases on our website for the current, and previous, year. Please go to for Defra news releases from 2007 and previous years.
  • We only retain material for one year within the consultations section of the website. A list of old consultations is available. Please contact the Defra Helpline if you need older papers.

If you need further assistance please let us know - email Please provide full details on the problems you have experienced and the web page address (URL) that you are trying to access, and/or the page where you found a broken link.

Page last modified: 4 January 2009
Page published: 19 January 2005

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