Library of Congress Madison Building

(How to Get There)

Updated September 2003

Library Security Maps & Floor Plans

The Madison building of the Library of Congress occupies the city block bounded on the West by First Street SE, on the East by Second street SE, to the North by Independence Avenue SE, and to the South by C street SE. The building is color-coded by corner; the Southwest corner is yellow, Southeast is Red, Northwest is Green, and the Northeast corner is Blue. The main entrance is on Independence Avenue between First Street and Second Street.

There is a snack bar on the Ground floor (G), in the Blue corner, and a cafeteria on the Sixth floor. To get to these: Go past the guard station, turn left towards the Blue corner, to the end of the corridor, and turn right. To your right is a stairway and to your left is an elevator bank. To get to the snack bar, take the stairway one flight down and go left. To get to the cafeteria, take the elevator to the sixth floor, go left (Blue to Red direction) halfway to the end of the corridor turn right, and the cafeteria entrance is just a bit further, on the left.

From National Airport

Via Subway: the "Metro"

Take the Yellow Line, transfer to blue or orange at L'enfant Plaza, to Capitol South. Alternatively, you could take the Blue Line at National (both Yellow and Blue run on the same track) all the way to Capitol South, and avoid transferring, but this will take much longer, as the Blue Line takes a circuitous route.

Via Taxi

A taxi should take no more than 20 minutes, even in rush hour. Tell the driver "Library of Congress Madison Building, Independence Avenue between First and Second, Southeast". If he doesn't understand, get a different cab. According to, fare should be about $9.

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Other Airports

National is by far the most convenient (and most pleasant) but if you have to fly to Dulles or BWI, see: Washington DC Airports

Subway Exits

Exit Union Station (Red Line) if coming from points northeast of Union Station along the Red Line, for example, Catholic U. in DC; or Takoma Park, Silver Spring, or Wheaton, in Maryland.

If coming from northeast along the Red Line, but the weather is bad, or if you don't want a long walk, then exit at Capitol South station on the blue/orange line (transfer at Metro Center station). Capitol South is much closer. (From Union Station, though, walking is quicker than riding to Capitol South.)

If coming from elsewhere (west DC, or from Virginia, or western part of red line in Maryland for example Rockville or Shady Grove), exit at Capitol South. (From Red line transfer to Blue/Orange at Metro Center.)

From Capitol South Station

Off the escalator, continue in the same direction to the street corner (at southwest corner of 1st and C intersection), continue one block further, to Independence Avenue, cross 1st Street (to the right), walk halfway to the next block, turn right, and you're at the main entrance.

From Union Station

Exit Union station from the main entrance (or Metro exit), facing Massachusetts Avenue to the South. Walk in a South to Southeast bearing and soon you will see the dome of the Capitol. Walk past (and to the east of) the Capitol to First Street. Walk along First Street, South (and depending on where you hit First street, you may pass the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress Jefferson Building, on the East side of First street), to (and across) Independence Ave. and there's the Madison Building

Via Car

Not a good idea.

Mumford Room

The Mumford room is on the Sixth floor, halfway between the Blue and Green corners. From the main entrance, Pass the guard station, to the main elevator bank just ahead to the right. Take the elevator to the sixth floor, turn right off the elevator and the Mumford rooms is straight ahead (actually, a blank wall is straight ahead, but entrances to Mumford are on both sides).

From the blue corner, take the elevator to the Sixth floor, off the elevator turn right and then immediately left, and halfway to Green corner; the Mumford room is on the left.

Pickford Theater
The Pickford Theater is on the third floor of the Madison Building, between the Green and Blue corners. Take the main elevator (from the main entrance, past the guard station, to the right) to the third floor, and the Pickford Theater is adjacent to the elevators.

AFA/OVOP Conference Room
The African/Asian Acquisition & Overseas Operation Division conference is located via room 632 (LM 632) of the Madison Building. Take the Blue corner elevator to the sixth floor, turn left, towards the Red corner, and 632 is on the left.

Library Services Small Conference Room
Enter LM637 (take the Blue corner elevator to the sixth floor, turn left, towards the Red corner, and 637 is on the left) office of the National Digital Library. Walk to the back (towards daylight) and the conference room is on the right.

Library Services Large Conference Room
Enter LM642 (take the Blue corner elevator to the sixth floor, turn right, away from the Red corner, then another immediate right). Conference room is on the right, labelled "Conference Room A"..

Automation Orientation Center
The Automation Orientation Center, room LM-G45, is next to the coffee shop on the ground floor. From the blue corner (first floor), go down one floor to G, either via elevator and turn right or the stairs and turn left, go just past the intersecting hallway and it's on the right.

Geography and Map Conference Room
The Geography and Map Conference Room is accessible via the Geography and Map Reading Room entrance at B02 of the Madison Building. From the main entrance, take the main elevator (to the right just after entering the building) to level B. B02 is straight ahead, across the hallway, slightly to the right. Enter the main door, take the left entrance, and go all the way to the end; the conference room is on the right.

Serial Records Large Conference Room
Take the Green core elevator (from the main entrance, pass the guard station, turn right, go to the end of the corridor and turm left) to the fifth floor. Off the elevator turn right towards the Yellow core, halfway, to room 515, on the right.

Serial Records Small Conference Room
Same directions as for Large Conference Room, except it's LM509.

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