Z39.50-1995 Amendment 3:
Z39.50 Encapsulation

October 1999
Amendment Number: Z39.50-1995 Amendment 3
Formerly Z39.50MA-AM0001

Originator: ZIG

Date: 10/99

Amendment Concerning: Encapsulation of Z39.50 APDUs

Reference in Document: New feature. No reference in Z39.50-1995.

Reference in Maintenance Agency page: http://www.loc.gov/z3950/agency/amend/encapsulation.html


New Z39.50 feature allowing the origin to group together several APDUs (and allowing the target to similarly group the response APDUs) in order to carry out multiple Z39.50 operations in a single transaction.

See Z39.50 Encapsulation

Status: Approved by ZIG, October 1999. Approved by Z39.50 Maintenance Agency, October 1999.

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