Digital Talking Book - Section 508 Standards

Digital Talking Books provide print information in an audible format using test-to-speech software. Developed by gh, L.L.C.of the Purdue Technology Center, digital talking books include marked-up text files with synchronized speech. The are accessed through a program known as the gh PLAYER™. For a talking book version of the 508 standards, download the zipped files (which include the gh PLAYER™) to your computer. Once loaded, unzip the files and open the gh PLAYER™. For further information on DTBs, visit gh's website at

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98 (Windows 2000 or Windows XP recommended). In order to use the Digital Talking Books software or to take advantage of the self-voicing graphical user interface of the gh PLAYER™, a Microsoft-compliant text-to-speech engine must be installed on the operating system. Most versions of Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP, contain a text-to-speech engine.