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Christopher Moore received a Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in '92 and a Master's in Physical Oceanography from the University of Washington in '96 with Dr. Barbara Hickey working on internal wave generation in submarine canyons.

I currently work at the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (NCTR), part of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) in Seattle, WA through the Joint Institute (JISAO).

My current projects include developing numerical models for tsunami inundation, designing tsunami forecasting systems, and coupling atmosphere and ocean models over computational grids including the TeraGrid. Recent coupling efforts include coupling the Weather Forecasting and Research (WRF) and the Regional Ocean Model System (ROMS)... results (and source code) can be viewed here.

I'm also involved in scientific visualization efforts, including developing immersive 3D stereo rendering software for use in distributed memory environments and GIS applications. We developed a 3D GIS application called OceanGIS, and presented results at the 2005 American Meteorological Society meeting.

Contact Info:
Christopher Moore
NOAA - PMEL, Bldg 3
7600 Sand Point Way, NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 206-526-6779
Fax:   206-526-6744


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