National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Jean Newman

Research Scientist II

The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans
University of Washington

NOAA Center for Tsunami Reasearch
Ocean Environment Research Division
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Jean Newman has served as a researcher with NOAA since February 1992. The NCTR is located at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory at NOAA's Western Regional Center in Seattle WA. The research focus is on the behavior of tsunamis and sea level phenomena. Some activities include: the development of a real-time tsunami reporting system; development of a tsunami forecast system; and simulation of tsunamis with numerical models.

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NOAA Center for Tsunami Research
7600 Sand Point Way NE, Bldg. 3
Seattle, WA   98115-6349
VOICE:  (206) 526-6531
FAX:    (206) 526-6485

February 13, 2008
by Hokusai
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