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National Academies NIOSH Program Review : Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

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Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing NAS Evidence Report

This report is the initial “evidence package” from NIOSH to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Research Program evaluation committee assembled by the NA. We stress “initial” because we believe that the AFF Program review will be best-served by substantial communications between the program and the committee throughout the process. It is understood that the evaluation committee and the NA are charged with executing a thorough review of the program and that to do so it will need much information from the program. We have tried to anticipate those needs with this package. In addition, we look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the committee.

The report is presented below in PDF format, and can be viewed in its entirety (353 pages, 3.16 megabytes) or by chapter

Front Matter
(20 pages; 370 kb)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction to NIOSH
(14 pages; 482 kb)
1.1 Overview
1.2 Legislative Foundations
1.3 Organizational Structure and Management
1.4 Resources
1.5 Planning and Logic Model
1.6 References Cited
Chapter 2. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Program Overview
(50 pages; 605 kb)
2.1 Program Characteristics
2.2 Program History
2.3 Goals
2.4 Program Stakeholders and Partners
2.5 Program Logic Model
2.6 Program Extramural Efforts
2.7 AFF Program Emerging Issues
2.8 References Cited
Chapter 3. Goal 1: Reduce Hazards, Illnesses, and Injuries in the AFF Workforce By Conducting Population-Based and Hazard Surveillance
(64 pages; 954 kb)
3.1 Illness Surveillance
3.2 Injury Surveillance
3.3 Traumatic Fatality Surveillance
3.4 Outputs
3.5 References Cited
Chapter 4. Goal 2: Priority Populations at Risk
(90 pages; 1,840 kb)
4.1 Child Labor
4.2 Minority Populations
4.3 Logging
4.4 Fishing
4.5 outputs
4.6 References Cited
Chapter 5. Goal 3: Agriculural Health Outcomes Research on Exposures to Chemicals
(52 pages; 762 kb)
5.1 Challenge or Issue
5.2 Activities
5.3 Selected Outputs
5.4 Intermediate Outcomes
5.5 End Outcomes
5.6 External Factors
5.7 Future Directions
5.8 List of NIOSH projects that are included in this chapter
5.9 Outputs
5.10 References Cited
Chapter 6. Goal 4: Hazard Control Systems
(32 pages; 1,000 kb)
6.1 Tractor Safety
6.2 Ergonomic Interventions
6.3 Outputs
6.4 References Cited
Chapter 7. Goal 5: Reduce Injuries and Illnesses by informing and educating employers and employees about occupational safety and health hazards and control systems
(34 pages; 1,010 kb)
7.1 Challenge or Issue
7.2 Activities
7.3 Selected Outputs
7.4 Intermediate Outcomes
7.5 External Factors
7.6 Future Directions
7.6 List of NIOSH projects included in theis chapter
7.7 Outputs
7.8 References Cited
The following Appendices are referenced in this document

Chapter 1

Appendix 1-01 OSHAct
Appendix 1-02 Program Assessment Rating Tool
Appendix 1-03 NIOSH Worker Chartbook

Chapter 2

Appendix 2-01 National Coalition for Agriculture Safety and Health Report
Appendix 2-02 Appropriations Language for the NIOSH Agriculture Program
Appendix 2-03 Surgeon General’s Conference Proceedings
Appendix 2-04 Children and Agriculture: Opportunities for Safety and Health - A National Action Plan
Appendix 2-05 Kennedy Evaluation Report
Appendix 2-06 NIOSH Board of Scientific Counselors 2000 Evaluation
Appendix 2-07 NIOSH Intramural Investigators’ Biosketches
Appendix 2-08 Extramural Announcements for Funding Opportunities
Appendix 2-09 Agriculture Centers - Highlights Reports
Appendix 2-10 Agriculture Centers - Comprehensive Reports
Appendix 2-11 Individual Grant Summary Reports

Chapter 3

NIOSH Project Reports

Chapter 4

NIOSH Project Reports

Chapter 5

NIOSH Project Reports

Chapter 6

NIOSH Project Reports

Chapter 7

NIOSH Project Reports


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NIOSH Program:

Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

Cover of Evidence Package

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