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UW Emergency Management (UWEM) is the smallest of the eight major service divisions of Facilities Services Department that is responsible for developing and implementing programs and projects in emergency planning, training, response, and recovery. Our mission is to promote campus disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery. For detailed information on UW programs, our mission, vision, values and 5-year strategic plan, please click here. Included in this site are guidelines for what to do in case of various emergencies or disasters.

The kinds of emergencies that can happen on our campus include:

In addition to the emergency preparedness information contained on this web site, you will find links to many other web sites pertaining to emergency preparedness.

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In accordance with Federal, State, local and UW Administrative Policy Statements 13.1 and 13.2, the University of Washington has established a comprehensive emergency and disaster preparedness program to protect its people, resources and environment

Emergency Management News

  • UWEM Annual 5-Year Strategic Plan Update: Public Comment Period - (Jan. 9, 2009) UWEM Staff and the Emergency Management Planning Committee welcome comments to and questions on to the university's 5-year emergency management strategic plan update. Click here for copy of the 2009-2014 DRAFT plan. Please submit your comments to by January 31, 2009. Thank you.
  • Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference - April 14 -15, 2009 Tacoma Convention Center Tacoma, WA The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference is the largest and most successful regional emergency preparedness conference in the Pacific Northwest. It attracts top-notch speakers with expertise that includes earthquake research, contingency planning, school preparedness, technology, news media, and public health. Speakers and exhibitors provide cutting-edge information on subjects such as business continuity planning, school safety, public health preparedness, homeland security, and public information. Registration is now open! Early bird prices until February 20th!
  • Prepare in a Year - (Jan. 12, 2009) We often think that "it won't happen here", but as we have seen in recent years, disasters such as floods, severe winter storms, and extended power outages do occur across our state. We must accept this as reality and assume responsibility by taking action to prepare ourselves, our loved ones, homes, pets and neighborhoods. Prepare in a Year is an innovative and simple approach to disaster preparedness. Simply choose one hour each month and complete the designated activity. You can start any time of the year, but why not start this month and make disaster preparedness a part of your New Year's commitment.

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