Chronological Title List of Edison Motion Pictures

In the following list, the films listed for the years 1891 through 1900 are given in order of their production. This information was taken from Charles Musser's study of early Edison films, Edison Motion Pictures, 1890-1900: An Annotated Filmography. For the years 1901 through 1922, the films are listed in order of copyright date and number. Films that have no copyright or specific date of production are placed at the end of the list for the year in which they were manufactured.

1891, 1894, 1895, 1896 | 1897-1898 | 1899-1900 | 1901-1902 | 1903-1922


Dickson Greeting

[Newark Athlete]. [Fragment 1]

[Newark Athlete]. [Fragment 2]

[Men Boxing]

1894 (TOP)

Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze, January 7, 1894

[Athlete with Wand]



Leonard-Cushing Fight

The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)

Caicedo (with Pole)

Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph

Sioux Ghost Dance

Buffalo Dance

Hadj Cheriff

Glenroy Bros., [no. 2]

Luis Martinetti

Bucking Broncho

Annie Oakley

Imperial Japanese Dance

Robetta and Doretto, [no. 2]

Band Drill

1895 (TOP)

[Dickson Experimental Sound Film]

Princess Ali

The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

1896 (TOP)

Amy Muller

May Irwin Kiss

Herald Square

Shooting the Chutes

Passaic Falls

The Lone Fisherman

Interrupted Lovers

Feeding the Doves

A Morning Bath

The Burning Stable

Mounted Police Charge

A Morning Alarm

Black Diamond Express

American Falls from Above, American Side

Police Patrol Wagon

The First Sleigh-Ride

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