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African Americans

abolition, afro-american, black, colored, names of individuals, Negro, Negroes, slavery, suffrage


crops, names of crops , farms, harvest, land, livestock, names of livestock

celebrities and prominent individuals

actor, senator, artist, writer, names of individuals

cities and towns

neighborhoods, markets, peddlers, slums, names of streets, names of cities

emigration and immigration

aliens, colonization, emigrant, immigrant, migration, ports of entry, nationalities, names of places


culture, race, pluralism, names of ethnic groups


child, children, divorce, home, household, husband, marriage, spouse, wife


business, factory, names of companies, types of industries, manufacturing, production, work


names of occupations, factory, guilds, migrant, strike, unions


amusement park, beach, boats, games, hobbies, names of sports, leisure, parks, playgrounds

scenic views

names of places, landscape, panorama, view, vista


automobile, car, cart, horse, railroad, ship, train, vessel, wagon


arms, artillery, battlefields, bombers, casualties, infantry, military, names of wars, troops, weapons


female, girl, lady, mother, suffrage, names of individuals

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