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Freedom of Information & Privacy Acts

The Freedom of Information Act, also known as the FOIA, was enacted in 1966 and is the primary means by which the public has access to records in the possession of Executive Branch agencies of the Federal Government. The FOIA is operated under the premise that the public has a right to know what the Government is doing, how it is being done, and what information is being collected. However, to prevent individuals, businesses, and government from harm resulting from the release of certain information, the FOIA provides a means by which limited information can be withheld from disclosure.

The Privacy Act provides safeguards for the protection of records the Federal Government collects on United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents.

See Also

See COMDTINST M5260.3, Chapter 8, for a discussion of the exemptions which limit disclosure of certain information.

FOIA requests may be submitted in writing via mail or overnight carrier to:

or via electronic mail to the Headquarters FOIA Coordinator.

Last Modified 6/19/2008