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Programs For Direct Payments for Specified Use
CFDA# Agency Program Title
10.054 USDA Emergency Conservation Program
10.069 USDA Conservation Reserve Program
10.070 USDA Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program
10.072 USDA Wetlands Reserve Program
10.078 USDA Bioenergy Program
10.427 USDA Rural Rental Assistance Payments
10.452 USDA Disaster Reserve Assistance
10.454 USDA Dairy Options Pilot Program
10.551 USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
10.566 USDA Nutrition Assistance For Puerto Rico
10.600 USDA Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program
10.601 USDA Market Access Program
10.603 USDA Emerging Markets Program
10.604 USDA Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program
10.605 USDA Quality Samples Program
10.671 USDA Southeast Alaska Economic Disaster Fund
10.774 USDA National Sheep Industry Improvement Center
10.778 USDA Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives
10.856 USDA 1890 Land Grant Institutions Rural Entrepreneurial Outreach Program
10.910 USDA Rural Abandoned Mine Program
10.912 USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program
10.913 USDA Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program
10.914 USDA Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program
10.917 USDA Agricultural Management Assistance
10.918 USDA Ground and Surface Water Conservation_ Environmental Quality Incentives Program
10.919 USDA Klamath Basin _ Environmental Quality Incentives Program
10.921 USDA Conservation Security Program
10.961 USDA Scientific Cooperation and Research
14.103 HUD Interest Reduction Payments_Rental and Cooperative Housing for Lower Income Families
14.149 HUD Rent Supplements_Rental Housing for Lower Income Families
14.157 HUD Supportive Housing for the Elderly
14.164 HUD Operating Assistance for Troubled Multifamily Housing Projects
14.181 HUD Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
14.195 HUD Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program_Special Allocations
14.197 HUD Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act
14.235 HUD Supportive Housing Program
14.850 HUD Public and Indian Housing
14.856 HUD Lower Income Housing Assistance Program_Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation
14.871 HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers
15.020 DOI Aid To Tribal Governments
15.021 DOI Consolidated Tribal Government Program
15.022 DOI Tribal Self-Governance
15.024 DOI Indian Self-Determination Contract Support
15.025 DOI Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families
15.026 DOI Indian Adult Education
15.029 DOI Tribal Courts
15.030 DOI Indian Law Enforcement
15.031 DOI Indian Community Fire Protection
15.032 DOI Indian Economic Development
15.033 DOI Road Maintenance_Indian Roads
15.034 DOI Agriculture on Indian Lands
15.035 DOI Forestry on Indian Lands
15.036 DOI Indian Rights Protection
15.037 DOI Water Resources on Indian Lands
15.038 DOI Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands
15.040 DOI Real Estate Programs_Indian Lands
15.041 DOI Environmental Management_Indian Programs
15.042 DOI Indian School Equalization Program
15.044 DOI Indian Schools_Student Transportation
15.045 DOI Assistance for Indian Children with Severe Disabilities
15.047 DOI Indian Education Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance
15.048 DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities_Operations and Maintenance
15.051 DOI Endangered Species on Indian Lands
15.052 DOI Litigation Support for Indian Rights
15.053 DOI Attorney Fees_Indian Rights
15.055 DOI Alaskan Indian Allotments and Subsistence Preference_Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
15.057 DOI Navajo-Hopi Indian Settlement Program
15.062 DOI Replacement and Repair of Indian Schools
15.063 DOI Improvement and Repair of Indian Detention Facilities
15.064 DOI Structural Fire Protection_Bureau of Indian Affairs Facilities
15.065 DOI Safety of Dams on Indian Lands
15.108 DOI Indian Employment Assistance
15.130 DOI Indian Education_Assistance to Schools
15.226 DOI Payments in Lieu of Taxes
15.227 DOI Distribution of Receipts to State and Local Governments
15.250 DOI Regulation of Surface Coal Mining and Surface Effects of Underground Coal Mining
15.254 DOI Summer Watershed Intern
15.631 DOI Partners for Fish and Wildlife
15.637 DOI Migratory Bird Joint Ventures
15.644 DOI Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design
15.647 DOI Migratory Bird Conservation
16.320 DOJ Services for Trafficking Victims
16.321 DOJ Antiterrorism Emergency Reserve
16.582 DOJ Crime Victim Assistance/Discretionary Grants
16.583 DOJ Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities
16.607 DOJ Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program
17.720 DOL Disability Employment Policy Development
19.425 STATE Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship
20.806 DOT State Maritime Schools
20.808 DOT Capital Construction Fund
20.812 DOT Construction Reserve Fund
20.813 DOT Maritime Security Fleet Program
20.901 DOT Payments for Essential Air Services
21.006 TREAS Tax Counseling for the Elderly
30.002 EEOC Employment Discrimination_State and Local Fair Employment Practices Agency Contracts
30.009 EEOC Employment Discrimination Project Contracts_Indian Tribes
45.301 IMLS Museums for America
45.302 IMLS Museum Assessment Program
45.303 IMLS Conservation Project Support
45.304 IMLS Conservation Assessment Program
64.100 VA Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for Certain Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces
64.101 VA Burial Expenses Allowance for Veterans
64.106 VA Specially Adapted Housing for Disabled Veterans
64.116 VA Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans
64.117 VA Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance
64.120 VA Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance
64.128 VA Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Vietnam Veterans' Children with Spina Bifida or Other Covered Birth Defects
64.202 VA Procurement of Headstones and Markers and/or Presidential Memorial Certificates
81.065 DOE Nuclear Waste Disposal Siting
84.007 ED Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
84.033 ED Federal Work-Study Program
84.037 ED Perkins Loan Cancellations
84.038 ED Federal Perkins Loan Program_Federal Capital Contributions
84.063 ED Federal Pell Grant Program
84.375 ED Academic Competitiveness Grants
84.376 ED National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grants
85.001 HST Harry S Truman Scholarship Program
85.100 (null) Christopher Columbus Fellowship Program
85.200 (null) Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program
85.400 HST Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program
85.401 HST Morris K. Udall Fellowship Program
85.402 HST Morris K. Udall Native American Congressional Internship Program
85.500 (null) James Madison Memorial Fellowship Program
89.005 NARA Cooperative Agreements to Support the Programs of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
90.401 EAC Help America Vote Act Requirements Payments
93.209 HHS Contraception and Infertility Research Loan Repayment Program
93.250 HHS Geriatric Academic Career Awards
93.255 HHS Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment
93.441 HHS Indian Self-Determination
93.770 HHS Medicare_Prescription Drug Coverage
93.773 HHS Medicare_Hospital Insurance
93.774 HHS Medicare_Supplementary Medical Insurance
93.783 HHS Medicare Transitional Drug Assistance Program for States
93.784 HHS Federal Reimbursement of Emergency Health Services Furnished to Undocumented Aliens
93.794 HHS Reimbursement of State Costs for Provision of Part D Drugs
93.923 HHS Disadvantaged Health Professions Faculty Loan Repayment (FLRP) and Minority Faculty Fellowship Program (MFFP)
93.924 HHS Ryan White HIV/AIDS Dental Reimbursements\Community Based Dental Partnership
96.001 SSA Social Security_Disability Insurance
96.004 SSA Social Security_Survivors Insurance
96.006 SSA Supplemental Security Income
97.014 DHS Bridge Alteration
97.016 DHS Reimbursement for Firefighting on Federal Property
97.018 DHS National Fire Academy Training Assistance
97.026 DHS Emergency Management Institute_Training Assistance
97.031 DHS Cora Brown Fund
97.033 DHS Disaster Legal Services
97.034 DHS Disaster Unemployment Assistance
97.048 DHS Disaster Housing Assistance to Individuals and Households in Presidential Declared Disaster Areas
97.049 DHS Presidential Declared Disaster Assistance - Disaster Housing Operations for Individuals and Households
97.062 DHS Scholars and Fellows, and Educational Programs
97.090 DHS Law Enforcement Officer Reimbursement Agreement Program
97.093 DHS Fire Service Hazardous Materials Preparedness and Response

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