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January-February 2006

Books for Children


The Westing Game BR 15600
by Ellen Raskin
2 volumes
An unlikely assortment of friends, relatives, and enemies gathers for the reading of eccentric millionaire Samuel Westing's will after he's murdered in his mansion. Before the heirs can claim their inheritance, however, they must uncover Westing's killer among them. For grades 5-8. Newbery Medal. 1978.

The Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns BR 15609
by Brian Jacques
1 volume
Six short stories that feature a variety of monstrous creatures by the author of the Redwall series. In the title piece villainous eleven-year-old Archibald Smifft, abandoned at birth at a boarding school, terrorizes everyone and studies black magic. For grades 5-8. 2004.

The Grim Grotto: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 11 BR 15610
by Lemony Snicket
2 volumes
In this sequel to The Slippery Slope (BR 14932), the Baudelaire orphans' adventures include travel by submarine to an underwater cave in search of a particular sugar bowl sought by the evil Count Olaf. For grades 4-7. 2004.

Punctuation Takes a Vacation BR 15655
by Robin Pulver
1 volume
When all the punctuation marks in Mr. Wright's class decide to take a vacation, the students discover just how difficult life can be without them. For grades K-3. 2003.

More Perfect than the Moon BR 15693
by Patricia MacLachlan
1 volume
Caleb, from Caleb's Story (BR 14100), has turned over the writing of the family journal to eight-year-old Cassie. Cassie is a watcher and a listener, and she can make herself invisible. But she becomes worried when she spends too much time watching her mother, Sarah. For grades 3-6. 2004.

Millicent Min, Girl Genius BR 15702
by Lisa Yee
2 volumes
In a series of journal entries eleven-year-old prodigy Millicent, who attends high school, records her struggles over the course of one summer to learn to play volleyball, tutor a geeky Chinese boy, and have a best friend. For grades 5-8. 2003.

Finding My Hat BR 15722
by John Son
1 volume
Jin-Han Park recalls growing up from a toddler to a teenager as the son of Korean immigrants who relocate their business from city to city. He tries to fit into American life at school while maintaining his family's traditions. For grades 6-9. 2003.

The Falconmaster BR 15726
by R.L. La Fevers
1 volume
Ten-year-old Wat is rejected by his Norman England village because he has a misshapen foot and only one eye. When he rescues two baby falcons stolen by Lord Sherborne's wicked men, he meets a forest hermit who shelters him and teaches him magic. For grades 4-7. 2003.

My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel BR 15728
by Rosemary Graham
2 volumes
Fourteen-year-old Tracy and her siblings are dragged by their dad to a Cape Cod vacation inn for divorced families. Tracy has trouble fitting in until she meets a local boy working at a tourist attraction and begins to accept her parents' choices. For grades 6-9. 2003.

Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal: American Girl History Mysteries BR 15729
by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
1 volume
Glenn Island, Virginia; 1895. Twelve-year-old Rhoda's father operates a U.S. Lifesaving Station where he risks his life to save people from shipwrecks. Rhoda becomes suspicious that someone is luring boats into treacherous waters in order to salvage their bounty, and she searches for the culprit. For grades 4-7. 2003.

Tripping over the Lunch Lady and Other School Stories BR 15764
edited by Nancy E. Mercado
1 volume
A collection of ten humorous short stories about school life. In the title piece an accident-prone fifth grader, nicknamed Jinx, hopes to excel at square dancing. In "Tied to Zelda" the best athlete in the class is paired with a computer nerd for a three- legged race. For grades 4-7. 2004.

A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32 BR 15774
by Joan W. Blos
1 volume
Thirteen-year-old Catherine Hall, a New Hampshire farm girl, keeps a journal of everyday events such as quilting, berrying, and sugaring. She talks of her new stepmother from faraway Boston and reflects on her own daring to help a runaway slave. For grades 5-8 and older readers. Newbery Medal. 1979.

Rocking Horse Christmas BR 15776
by Mary Pope Osborne
1 volume
A boy receives a rocking horse for Christmas that he names Shadow. They experience many rides and wonderful adventures together for several years. But eventually Shadow is retired to the attic--until a broken window changes his fate. For preschool- grade 2. 1997.

The Best Halloween Ever BR 15793
by Barbara Robinson
1 volume
The Herdman children create mayhem every year, so the town mayor cancels Halloween and trick-or-treating. Instead, the principal plans a safe, controlled holiday party at school, but underestimates the Herdmans, who make their own plans. For grades 3-6. 2004.

The Wrath of Mulgarath: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 5 BR 15798
by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
1 volume
Following The Ironwood Tree (BR 15746), Jared, Simon, and Mallory arrive home to find the house ransacked and Mom missing. Simon's griffin, Byron, catches a hobgoblin, Hogsqueal, who tells them that Mulgarath and his goblins abducted their mother. For grades 2-4. 2004. 2004.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince BR 16000
by J.K. Rowling
8 volumes
Sequel to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (BR 14705). Harry and his friends return for their sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Evil Voldemort's power increases daily, and Harry encounters a prince. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2005. 2005.

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