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September-October 2006
Books for Adults--Fiction


Let's Get It On BR 15931
by Rochelle Alers and others
3 volumes
Four novellas feature African American women finding love. In Donna Hill's Lady in Waiting Noah's first love returns to reclaim him although he is engaged to another. In Brenda Jackson's Irresistible Attraction Sydney meets someone at her brother's wedding. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

The Other Woman BR 15935
by Jane Green
3 volumes
Motherless Ellie Black falls in love and happily marries Londoner Dan Cooper, embracing his close-knit family. But over time Dan's mother, Linda, tries to control every aspect of their lives-- especially after they have a baby. Finally Ellie explodes. Some strong language. 2004.

In like Flynn: A Molly Murphy Mystery BR 15944
by Rhys Bowen
3 volumes
In early-twentieth-century, typhoid-ridden New York, policeman Daniel Sullivan hires Molly Murphy to investigate the Sorensen sisters. Molly poses as an Irish relative at Senator Flynn's country estate where the siblings, who claim to be spiritualists, are trying to solve the kidnapping of Flynn's son. 2005.

The Rottweiler BR 15952
by Ruth Rendell
3 volumes
Police discover that a serial killer is placing "trophies" from his victims in an antiques shop. Inez, the owner, and her diverse tenants above the shop become suspects. Detective Crippen investigates the renters' backgrounds while the murders continue. Some violence and some strong language. 2003.

Unnatural Death (The Dawson Pedigree): A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery BR 15953
by Dorothy L. Sayers
2 volumes
A chance remark overheard in a London restaurant leads to the revelation that a wealthy elderly woman did not die of natural causes three years before but was murdered. Lord Peter Wimsey and his friends, Detective-Inspector Parker and garrulous Miss Climpson, have a difficult time catching the killer. 1927.

The Egyptologist BR 15956
by Arthur Phillips
4 volumes
1922. Staking his reputation and his fiancée's fortune, obsessive Egyptologist Ralph Trilipush excavates King Atum-hadu's tomb. Mystery and discovery unfold through Ralph's journal entries and the correspondences of Australian detective Harold Ferrell, who investigates Ralph's possible connection to a series of murders. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2004.

With No One as Witness: An Inspector Thomas Lynley Mystery BR 15959
by Elizabeth George
6 volumes
London. Inspector Thomas Lynley and coworkers Barbara Havers and Winston Nkata investigate the gruesome murders of teenage boys-- most of whom are racial minorities. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller 2005.

Be More Chill BR 15968
by Ned Vizzini
2 volumes
To become popular and attract the beautiful Christine, New Jersey high school nerd Jeremy swallows an illegal "squip" microchip. The device tells him how to act cool, but eventually Jeremy wants to be back in control. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. For senior high readers. 2004.

Nightcrawlers: A "Nameless Detective" Novel BR 15972
by Bill Pronzini
2 volumes
"Nameless" private detective Bill, anticipating semiretirement, promotes Tamara Corbin to partner and hires field agent Jake Runyon. When homosexuals are attacked in San Francisco, among them Jake's estranged son's lover, and Tamara disappears after discovering a disturbing scene, Bill decides to investigate. Violence and strong language. 2005.

Men against the Sea BR 15979
by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
2 volumes
1789. Following the Mutiny on the Bounty (BR 8669), Captain Bligh and eighteen loyal men are set adrift in the South Pacific on a twenty-three-foot open launch. Alone on uncharted waters, the crew struggles to survive the 3,600-mile voyage to the Dutch colony of Timor in the East Indies. 1933.

Who's Your Daddy? BR 15980
by Lynda Sandoval
2 volumes
Sixteen-year-old wallflowers Meryl, Caressa, and Lila blame their lack of romance on their dads: a vice-principal, a police chief, and a famous musician. Dateless for homecoming, the girls play a game to find true love and, by coincidence, meet three guys. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2004.

The Rising: Antichrist Is Born before They Were Left Behind; Countdown to the Rapture, Book 1 BR 16069
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
3 volumes
A prequel to the Left Behind series relating events leading up to the Rapture. Nicolae Carpathia is born to a woman who allows herself to become a chosen vessel for the birth of evil. Rayford Steele avoids taking over the family business by becoming a pilot. Bestseller 2005.

Rules for Old Men Waiting BR 16072
by Peter Pouncey
2 volumes
Widowed history professor Robert MacIver quietly mourns his wife's death at their home on Cape Cod. MacIver, originally from Scotland, passes the time by writing a World War I novel and reminiscing about his own life and the death of his only child in Vietnam. Some descriptions of sex. 2005.

Their Eyes Were Watching God BR 16074
by Zora Neale Hurston
2 volumes
Classic novel of Janie, a handsome black woman, and her three marriages: to Logan Killicks, a prosperous farmer; to go-getter Joe Starks, who makes her Mrs. Mayor Starks of Eatonville, Florida; and to Tea Cake Woods, who teaches Janie, at forty, the reality of love and happiness. 1990 foreword. 1937.

The Kreutzer Sonata BR 16075
by Margriet de Moor
1 volume
Marius van Vlooten, a music critic, reveals the depths of his passionate nature while recounting two love affairs. The first led to an attempted suicide that left him blind, and the second led to marriage with a lovely, talented violinist, whom he almost killed in a fit of jealousy. 2001.

I Got Somebody in Staunton: Stories BR 16077
by William Henry Lewis
2 volumes
Ten short stories featuring African Americans. In the title piece, a black professor offers a white woman a ride to Staunton where he's going to visit a dying uncle. He remembers his uncle's warning about the danger inherent in such pairings. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2005.

Child of Silence: A Bo Bradley Mystery BR 16078
by Abigail Padgett
2 volumes
San Diego child-abuse investigator Bo Bradley has a new case: four-year-old deaf boy Weppo, found tied to a mattress on a Paiute reservation. When hired gunmen target Weppo, Bo flees with him and uncovers an alarming connection to a Houston political hopeful. Strong language and some violence. 1993.

The Tea House on Mulberry Street BR 16092
by Sharon Owens
2 volumes
Daniel and Penny Stanley are owners of Muldoon's Tea Rooms, known for its cozy atmosphere and luscious desserts. There residents of Belfast seek refuge from their various dilemmas, including dieting housewife Sadie, struggling artist Brenda, retired twin schoolteachers Beatrice and Alice, and failed novelist Henry. 2003.

The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories BR 16105
by Leo Tolstoy
3 volumes
Four short stories by the nineteenth-century Russian author. In the title piece, a husband confesses to being so consumed by sexual jealousy that he feels compelled to murder his wife. The public outcry against the story, published in 1890, caused Tolstoy to write the postface included here. 1985.

Simply Unforgettable: Miss Martin's School for Girls, Book 1 BR 16107
by Mary Balogh
3 volumes
Regency England. Music teacher Frances Allard is returning to Miss Martin's School for Girls in Bath after Christmas when her carriage overturns in a snowstorm. She and Lucius Marshall, the viscount Sinclair, who caused the accident, take refuge together in a nearly deserted inn. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2005.

About Love and Other Stories BR 16108
by Anton Chekhov
3 volumes
Seventeen short stories by the nineteenth-century Russian writer. In the title piece, a lonely bachelor tells a sad tale of undeclared love and the toll it exacts. The collection includes "The Lady with the Little Dog" (1899), "Gusev" (1890), and "Rothschild's Violin" (1894). Translation by Rosamund Bartlett. 2004.

Singularity Sky BR 16110
by Charles Stross
3 volumes
An information plague called the Festival strikes the New Republic, an isolationist planetary colony banning technology. Contractor Martin Springfield and United Nations of Earth Security Council agent Rachel Mansour, both on covert missions, become unlikely allies as the colony prepares for war. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2003.

Broken Prey BR 16128
by John Sandford
3 volumes
Gruesome murders that mimic the crimes of the "Big Three"--serial murderers presently incarcerated--bring Lucas Davenport to investigate. The prime suspect is Charlie Pope, newly released from a Minnesota mental hospital. But the killer is too smart to be Pope. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Bestseller 2005.

Housekeeping BR 16132
by Marilynne Robinson
2 volumes
Ruth and her younger sister, Lucille, are raised haphazardly by their extended family in the small, lakeside town of Fingerbone. Their grandmother cares for them until her death, then two bumbling great aunts take over, and finally eccentric aunt Sylvie looks after them. 1980.

The Sugar Camp Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel BR 16137
by Jennifer Chiaverini
3 volumes
Creek's Crossing, Pennsylvania; 1849. Dorothea Granger, nineteen, and her parents are at the mercy of Uncle Jacob. So when he asks Dorothea to sew a quilt for him according to a specific yet unusual pattern, she agrees. Uncle Jacob dies, and Dorothea makes a startling discovery about the quilt. 2005.

Savage Garden: An Eve Diamond Novel BR 16138
by Denise Hamilton
3 volumes
Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond investigates the murder of Latin stage actress Catarina Velosi, a friend of Eve's lover, Silvio Aguilar. While forced to mentor Felice Morgan, a rising African American star at the newspaper, Eve interrogates several suspects. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2005.

Shopaholic BR 16139
by Judy Waite
1 volume
Overwhelmed by her mother's depression, Taylor is easily manipulated by Kat, an older classmate, to use a credit card to buy clothes she can't afford. Finally understanding Kat's true nature and with help from her recovering mom, Taylor regains control of her life. For senior high readers. 2001.

Honeymoon BR 16141
by James Patterson and Howard Roughan
2 volumes
While tracing terrorist funding FBI agent John O'Hara accidentally stumbles across a beautiful woman diverting laundered money to the Cayman Islands. Nora Sinclair murders husbands and a fiancé to amass millions, but O'Hara is determined to stop her. Strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence. Bestseller 2005.

The Virgin's Lover BR 16142
by Philippa Gregory
4 volumes
England, 1558. Twenty-five-year-old Princess Elizabeth ascends the throne, giving her friend, ex-traitor Robert Dudley, opportunity to restore his place at court. Defying advice to choose a husband for political advantage, Elizabeth pursues an affair with married Robert, igniting a scandal. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. 2004.

A Cold Treachery: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery BR 16150
by Charles Todd
3 volumes
Lake District, England; 1919. After the Elcott family is murdered, Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge investigates the crime. Ten-year-old Josh Elcott is missing, possibly a victim or the perpetrator. Rutledge, haunted by his own war ghost, searches for the boy and the killer. Some violence. 2005.

How Green Was My Valley BR 16153
by Richard Llewellyn
4 volumes
Before leaving his childhood home, Huw Morgan reminisces about his youth in South Wales. He remembers when the coal mines still flourished and family members and friends fought, loved, laughed, and cried as they struggled to survive labor troubles and hard times in the valley. National Book Award. 1939.

Pagan's Vows: The Pagan Chronicles, Book 3 BR 16154
by Catherine Jinks
2 volumes
France, 1188-1189. Pagan accompanies Lord Roland, now determined to be a monk, to the Abbey of Saint Martin. Pagan chafes at being a novice in a monastery and uncovers a dangerous blackmail plot. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

Pagan's Scribe: The Pagan Chronicles, Book 4 BR 16155
by Catherine Jinks
2 volumes
France, 1209. Pagan Kidrouk, now archdeacon, hires Isidore, a fifteen-year-old orphan with epilepsy, to be his scribe. Together they try to survive the siege of Carcassonne. Concluding book of the Pagan Chronicles. For junior and senior high readers. 2000.

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy BR 16156
by Clive Woodall
2 volumes
The evil magpies led by Slyekin and his sadistic assassin are systematically eradicating other bird species in the kingdom of Birddom. Guided by the wise old owl Tomar, plucky young robin Kirrick, widowed by the massacre, undertakes three perilous journeys to rally avian allies against the onslaught. Some violence. 2002.

Accidental Happiness BR 16157
by Jean Reynolds Page
3 volumes
South Carolina. Since her husband Ben unexpectedly died three months ago, thirty-three-year-old Gina Melrose has been living aboard their sailboat. When Reese, Ben's ex-wife, and her seven- year-old daughter Angel, who might be Ben's child, arrive on the boat, Gina confronts the possibility that Ben betrayed her. Strong language. 2005.

Gilead BR 16160
by Marilynne Robinson
2 volumes
1950s. Dying seventy-six-year-old Gilead, Iowa, minister John Ames writes a parting letter to his young son. John reflects on the tensions between his pacifist father and militant abolitionist grandfather (both preachers), the death of his first wife and child, the gospel, a friend's transgressions, and life's eternal mystery. Pulitzer Prize. Bestseller 2004.

Miracle BR 16162
by Danielle Steel
1 volume
A fierce storm hits San Francisco on New Year's Eve, bringing together three people who form a unique friendship. Each gradually reveals his or her personal problems to the group and finds strength in the growing camaraderie. And in the end, love blossoms for all. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. Bestseller 2005.

Coal Run BR 16165
by Tawni O'Dell
3 volumes
Ivan Zoschenko returns to his hometown in the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania after years of absence. Once a local football hero, he becomes a deputy involved in the locals' problems and learns to confront his own demons. Strong language, some explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2004.

Essential Stories BR 16170
by V.S. Pritchett
2 volumes
Jeremy Treglown, a biographer of Pritchett (1900-1997), assembles sixteen Pritchett short stories that exhibit his legendary skills. "A Serious Question" explores a failing, childless marriage; "The Lion's Den" is autobiographical; and "Our Oldest Friend" is an examination of what it means to be rejected. 2005.

Reflex BR 16172
by Steven Gould
4 volumes
A mysterious organization kidnaps National Security Agency operative Davy Rice to use his teleportation powers. Davy's wife, Millie, searches frantically for him with her own newfound teleporting skills. Sequel to Jumper (BR 9548). Strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2004.

The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell BR 16260
by Lilian Jackson Braun
1 volume
Journalist Jim Qwilleran helps plan a knock-out celebration of Pickax City's sesquicentennial. Meanwhile Nathan and Doris Ledfield, a wealthy couple, mysteriously die, leaving their greedy nephew to inherit their estate. Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum help to uncover the truth about the couple's demise. Bestseller 2006.

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