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Hazardous Waste Worker Training Issues

The National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Worker Education and Training Program (WETP) has established an effective national framework to develop and provide comprehensive training that is needed to address Superfund cleanups, chemical emergency responses, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective actions, and environmental restoration in urban communities surrounding brownfields sites.

Through this network, the program is able to assess policy, funding, and training issues of utmost concern to this worker community. This website acts as an extension of the WETP network, providing information on issues that are important to both the WETP worker-trainer community, as well as worker-trainers throughout the country who are engaged in activities related to hazardous substance generation, response, removal, and containment.

Click on information categories located on the left hand side of the screen to access the latest news, reports, and information concerning issues of interest to hazardous waste workers and emergency responders. Curricula development issues, including advanced training technologies and online learning techniques, are also included here. Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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Last Reviewed: 12 March 2008