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Courtesy of cell biologist Haomin Huang, Fox Chase Cancer Center. Courtesy of bioengineer Jeff Hasty and physicist Lev Tsimring, both at University of California, San Diego. Courtesy of Nathan Shaner, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Courtesy of cell biologist Joan Brugge, Harvard Medical School. Courtesy of computational biomechanists Chand John and Eran Guendelman, Stanford University. Engineered Ecosystem. Courtesy of Hao Song, Duke University. Folding Proteins. The lid of this barrel-shaped molecule opens and closes to control how proteins fold into the unique shapes that determine their function. Image courtesy of Judith Frydman. Glowing Glycans. Courtesy of chemical biologist Carolyn Bertozzi, University of California, Berkeley. NIGMS Image Gallery Mapping Human Genetic Variation Golden Gene Chips Nuclear Gatekeepers Structure formed by a plant pathogen protein. Courtesy of Ken Schwinn and Sonia Espejon-Reynes, New York SGX Research Center for Structural Genomics. Courtesy of pathologist Richard Klemke of the University of California, San Diego. Multicolor STORM. Courtesy of chemist Xiaowei Zhuang of Harvard University. Folate in the Making Mapping Disease Spread Bacteria Working to Eat Fly Cells Live Planting Roots Fruitful Dyes Color-coded chromosomes Motion in the Brain Neural Tube Development Cholesterol and Huntington's Disease Repairing DNA Neural Development Cellular Polarity Cellular Metropolis Microtubule Breakdown Gene Silencing Genetic Imprinting Tiny Points of Light Beaded Bacteriophage Cellular Traffic Worms and Human Infertility Snow World Natural Nanomachine in Action Mapping Brain Differences Colorful Communication Statistical Cartography Modeling Disease Spread Cells Frozen in Time Canine Kidney Cells Aglow Nano-Rainbow Finding One Bug Movements of Myosin Mapping Metabolic Activity