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Who we are and what we do
The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals.  We accept no money, make no endorsements,  and use no advertising on our MPN web pages. More Information on MPN

How to post a listing 

Please use the forms available through the directory page to post your listing if at all possible. 


Listings posted using the forms are more likely to include the most relevant information and will not have to wait for a human to format and post them. 

The most effective listings for a lost animal give the following information: 
Where the animal was lost: 
A minimum is state, county, (not country), city, and street name, with cross streets. The name of your housing development is not enough. 
When the animal was lost: 
Please give the date, and a general time of day, if known. 
A description of the animal, including color and markings: 
Please be sure to include age, approximate size and/or weight and sex. Giving a breed or species name is not enough. Not everyone knows what a conyer looks like and or what color your mean when you say a dog is blue or a cat is red. Be sure to mention if the animal was wearing tags or is tattooed or microchipped. We will not put the id numbers on the web page. 
 Contact Information:
 You must include contact information. Your name, phone # & email are required. We strongly prefer to hear from the actual owner of the animal, and we do require the actual owner's name, phone number and email address if they have one as well as that of any contact person. 
Other information:
The circumstances of how your animal was lost can be helpful, for instance, if your dog was frightened by fireworks, he may have spent quite a while running. If your animal mats easily, or likes to roll in the mud, that may help.  If you are offering a reward, this is where it would be mentioned.

Example Listing

Munhall (Allegheny County), VA:
Lost dog: Taffy, a small, brown shaggy terrier was lost in the 800 block of Maple Street, between Pine and Elm, about 7 PM on Sunday, December 20, 1998. He ran out the door during a thunderstorm and we couldn't find him. He is about 25 Lbs and is wearing a blue nylon quick-release collar with a license tag from Douglas County, a rabies tag from the Animal Medical Center, and a blue bone shaped ID tag with his name and our phone number on it. Taffy is microchipped, and tattooed on the inside of one thigh. Taffy's coat mats in the rain if he is not brushed out immediately, so he may look scruffy and uncared for.We will pay a REWARD for information leading to Taffy's safe return home. 
Please contact: Rose, phone: 402-555-1212 email: taffysmom@anywhere.com 

Listings sent by email must be formatted by a volunteer before they can be added and may take a day or two to post. Please use the forms available through the directory page to post your listing if at all possible. Your listing will be automatically formatted to work with our database through the forms and will be posted immediately and available to a search.
If you cannot use the forms, send your listing to the MPN volunteer listed on the directory page for the state or country where your pet went missing or contact the host for that state. Each state in the US also has an email address consisting of the US postal abbreviation for that state and "@missingpet.net." If you cannot use the forms and there is no contact listed for that state, please send your listing to the general listing address

Advice on Finding a Lost Pet

List of MPN State Sites with Lost and Found Listings

including instructions for posting your listing. Please see the example listing  for help in writing your listing and suggestions for what to include.

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We have several link graphics available you can use if you'd like. 
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