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Safari. Still the world’s best web browser.

Now your favorite web browser is also the fastest on any platform. With page load speeds that outperform every other major browser on the Mac or PC, Safari also introduces a few new features to the mix.

Browse like the wind.

The fastest web browser today, Safari loads and draws pages up to 3 times faster than Firefox 2 and up to 5.5 times faster than Opera 9. And it executes JavaScript up to 4.5 times faster than Firefox 2 and up to 5 times faster than Opera 9.1 What does all that mean for you? Less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.

Safari 1.37 Safari 3
Firefox 4.57 Firefox 2
Opera 8.19 Opera 9
Safari 0.38 Safari 3
Firefox 1.86 Firefox 2
Opera 1.93 Opera 9
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  • JavaScript

Find inline.

Type a word into the new Find banner below the Bookmarks Bar, and Safari shows you the number of matches and brightly highlights matching terms while dimming the rest of the page. So you can view and browse every instance — in an instant.

Pick up the tabs.

With tabbed browsing in Safari, you can open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window. Drag and drop your tabs to rearrange them, open one in a new browser window, or merge all your current windows into one tabbed window. Safari resizes each tab depending on the number you have open. You can bookmark a set of tabs or revert to the tabs that were open when you last closed or quit Safari.

PDFs at your service.

The new PDF controls in Safari let you zoom in and out, save a PDF file, or open one in Preview — all from the comfort of your browser.


Resize at will.

Maybe the text field you’re typing in is a bit too small to read. Or maybe you just have a lot to say. Either way, Safari lets you resize text fields on any website, just by grabbing the corner of the field. Resize a field and the web page reflows to make room.

Clip it.

Now you can turn any web page into a Dashboard widget. Click the Web Clip button next to the address field in Safari and select exactly what you want your new widget to display. Then click Add, and Safari sends your Web Clip widget to Dashboard, where you can view it alongside your other widgets. You can even customize its border using built-in styles on the back of the widget. Your Web Clip widget is “live” and will update as frequently as the page from which it came.


Surf securely.

Safari protects your personal information when you surf the web on a shared or public Mac. Go ahead — check your bank account and .Mac email at the library or shop for birthday presents on the family Mac. Safari also uses strong 128-bit encryption when accessing secure sites such as your bank or an online store, so you can transmit account and payment information with confidence.

Safari for Everyone

Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world.

Safari in a box

Safari for Developers

Safari uses open source software for its web page rendering engine. And it supports the full range of modern Internet standards, including such emerging standards as CSS3 web fonts, CSS animation, HTML 5 media support, and more. Get the details at the Apple Developer Connection.

  1. Performance measured in seconds. Performance testing conducted by Apple in March 2008 on a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based iMac system running Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.2, configured with 1GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 2600 with 256MB of VRAM. HTML and JavaScript benchmarks based on VeriTest’s iBench Version 5.0 using default settings. Performance will vary based on system configuration, network connection, and other factors.