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Report Unsafe Products

You can use the on-line forms below to report an injury, file a complaint about an unsafe product, or give feedback regarding this web site to us. There are some other forms geared towards health care professionals and businesses. Note: Please be aware that these forms will not work if active scripting is disabled in your browser.

For consumers: report an injury, death, or unsafe product to us
For State Attorneys General and Health Departments, Fire, Police and Insurance Investigators: report an injury, death, or unsafe product to us
For physicians and health care professionals:
report a PATIENT ONLY injury or death
printable poster (pdf) for you and your patients
For manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers: report a potentially defective or hazardous product
For coroners and medical examiners: file MECAP reports.
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IMPORTANT: CPSC does not have jurisdiction over the following (use the links below to file a complaint with the proper agency):

Note: Please do not use these forms to ask questions or request information. You can contact us using our on-line form with your question or request.

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