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Marco Water Polo

Spot Title: “Marco Water Polo(REAL - 1.89MB)
30-second TV Spot
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On-air October – November 2003; February – March 2004

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VISUALS: Different shots all taking place at the Virrick Park Pool in Miami, Florida. The lead tween introduces himself as Kyle and explains how to play a game called “Marco Water Polo.” Shots of the pool, surrounding area, diving board as well as children swimming and playing are featured throughout the spot. A hip-hop beat accompanies shots of the game being played as it is explained with voice-over, title graphics of key words such as “pool,” “drop the ball,” “cannonball!” Underwater shots and kids performing cannonballs are also shown. Every time a tween jumps into the water we hear a sound effect representing it. The spot ends with a group of kids in the pool looking up and saying the tagline “VERB, It’s what you do” as graphic animation depicting the logo and tagline appears on screen. There are then two closing shots of two smiling girls against a wall and a boy doing a cannonball into the water.


BOY TWEEN: Kyle: Hi, I’m Kyle and we play in Virrick Park in Miami, Florida. We’ve got lots of verbs here. Some games we even make up. Here’s one we call “Marco Water Polo.” (Title Graphic — “Kyle”/“Marco Water Polo”)


GIRL TWEEN: All you need is a pool and a ball. (Title Graphic — “Pool”/“Ball”)


BOY TWEEN: Kyle: Whoever is “It” yells “Marco” with their eyes closed. Everyone else yells “Polo.” (Title Graphic — “Marco”/Girl with eyes closed shown saying “Marco”/Group responds “Polo” with corresponding title graphic)


GIRL TWEEN: Throw the ball in the direction of someone you hear.


BOY TWEEN: If they catch it, you go again.


BOY TWEEN: Kyle: If they drop the ball, cannonball! You’re it! (Title Graphic — “drop the ball”/“cannonball!”)


BOY TWEEN: Kyle: That’s Marco Water Polo in Miami, Florida. Every day is game day so get out there and go play! (SFX of children doing cannonballs into the water / Title Graphic — “Go Play”)

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Page last modified: August 1, 2007
Content source: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Adolescent and School Health 

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