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The purpose of the NIH Epilepsy Special Interest Group is to stimulate communication and collaboration among NIH scientists and administrators who are interested in clinical and basic epilepsy research.

The SIG concept was formalized at NIH eight years ago by director Harold Varmus. SIGs are intended to create "faculties" that bridge institute lines. In a recent article in The Catalyst, NIH intramural director Michael Gottesman has said that SIGs can provide a "focus for concentrating talent and resources."

We hope the Epilepsy SIG will become a focal point and a resource for epilepsy research at NIH. The SIG includes extramural as well as intramural NIHers with an interest in epilepsy. We invite the participation of those at NIH whose work mainly concerns epilepsy. We also invite basic scientists with a curiosity about epilepsy or who sense that their work could be relevant. Clinical investigators who work with persons with epilepsy or who might consider participating in clinical research in epilepsy will also want to join the SIG. We invite research administrators and program directors whose work deals with epilepsy-related grants and contracts. The NIH Epilepsy SIG is a group of NIH employees, researchers, and clinicians, but scientists from other institutions in the Bethesda area are welcome to participate in our activities.

The NIH Epilepsy SIG will sponsor or co-sponsor occasional seminars and lectures. Joining the SIG will insure that you are notified of all activities.


Membership is open to NIH employees. To join the Epilepsy SIG please attend the organizational meeting. If you can't attend the meeting, please send an e-mail to and your name will be added to the e-mail list that will keep you informed of activities sponsored by the SIG and other epilepsy-related events.


Please make sure to notify the Epilepsy SIG of epilepsy-related activities that you are planning. Suggestions for speakers to invite for the Epilepsy SIG seminar series are encouraged. Also, please let us know of resources that you'd like to see available on this web site (


Michael A. Rogawski, M.D., Ph.D.

Epilepsy Research Section, NINDS



William H. Theodore, M.D.

Clinical Epilepsy Section, NINDS


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Upcoming Events

There will be an organizational meeting:

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

2:30 p.m.
NIH Director's Conference Room
Building 1 (Wilson Hall)

Room 151


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