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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Links

Concerned Citizens ( Exit NIEHS Website
US EPA site geared towards citizens who want to become familiar with environmental issues and the potential environmental and human health risks caused by pollution. Covers important emergency phone numbers, health and safety issues at work, protecting children at home and a community’s right to know about environmental exposures.

EnviroHealthAction ( Exit NIEHS Website
An education and action center that provides an online community for health professionals and others interested in environmental health. Addresses topics covering toxic substances, children’s environmental health, air pollution, chronic diseases, climate change, vulnerable populations and drinking water.

Enviro-Health Links ( Exit NIEHS Website
A portal to selected links to Internet resources on toxicology and environmental health issues of recent special interest; e.g., biological warfare, environmental justice, pollution, toxicogenomics, et al.

Environmental Defense ( Exit NIEHS Website
Environmental Defense evaluates environmental problems and works to create and advocate solutions that win lasting political, economic and social support because they are nonpartisan, cost-efficient and fair. Topics include antibiotic resistance, agricultural policy, air quality, animal farms, environmental justice, pollution prevention, etc.

Environmental Emergencies ( Exit NIEHS Website
Learn whom to notify and how to be prepared in case of an environmental emergency, such as a chemical or oil spill.

Environmental Research Foundation ( Exit NIEHS Website
A grass-roots organization designed to provide understandable scientific information about the influence of toxic substances on human health and the environment. Includes a library of environment-related full-text publications, searchable directory of worldwide environmental organizations, and an online newsletter, Rachel’s Environment and Health News.

National Center for Environmental Health Fact Book 2002Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (4 MB) ( Exit NIEHS Website
The latest research accomplishments and findings from the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

RTK Net ( Exit NIEHS Website
Right-to-Know Network provides free access to numerous databases, text files and conferences on the environment, housing and sustainable development.

Window to My Environment ( Exit NIEHS Website
US EPA site that allows a user to enter geographic information (zipcode, city or state) and find federal, state and local information about environmental conditions and features in that area.


Natural Disasters and Environmental Health: A Selected Bibliography (  (En Español)( Download Adobe Acrobat Reader(95 KB)
Select references relating to the impact of natural disasters on the environment

EnviroMapper for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ( Exit NIEHS Website
Offers maps and aerial photos to locate EPA and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality water sampling sites.

Endocrine Disruptors & Estrogens

Endocrine Disruptors Research Initiative ( Exit NIEHS Website
An inventory of federal government research on the effects of environmental chemicals on the endocrine system of humans and wildlife. Includes links to other related sites.

E. Hormone: Environment and Hormones ( Exit NIEHS Website
A gateway to events, research, news, books and learning facts sheets on the impact of environmental estrogens and other hormones on human health.


Drinking Water and Health ( Exit NIEHS Website
Find out where drinking water comes from, how it is treated, who is responsible for water quality and what contaminants may be in your drinking water.

Indoor Air Pollution ( Exit NIEHS Website
A compilation of links to government and non-government websites covering specific environmental, biological, and chemical agents that cause indoor air pollution.

Outdoor Air Pollution ( Exit NIEHS Website
A compilation of links to government and non-government websites covering specific environmental, biological, and chemical agents that cause outdoor air pollution.

Scorecard ( Exit NIEHS Website
Find out what pollutants are being released in your area. Enter a zipcode and receive information on the release of toxic chemicals, animal waste from farms, air quality, lead hazards and the health of your area’s watershed.

Toxins and Disease ( Exit NIEHS Website
This spreadsheet from the Collaborative on Health and the Environment summarizes the links between exposure to chemical contaminants and about 200 human diseases, disorders, or conditions. Classified according to disease, the website provides strength of evidence (limited/conflicting, good or strong) linking the disease with the toxin(s). The information is based on a review of published scientific research in environmental medicine and toxicology. Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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