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Standardized Occupation & Industry Coding

Standardized Occupation and Industry Coding (SOIC) software is a program that automates the coding process for industry and occupation (I&O) narratives from death certificates, cancer registries, healthcare records, and other record systems. NIOSH developed the SOIC software in collaboration with other Federal Agencies and the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems. The software was designed to aid public health professionals in conducting research or other tasks where uniform coding of occupation and/or industry will assist in work-related injury and illness prevention. The SOIC software assigns codes according to the 1990 Bureau of the Census Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations and National Center for Health Statistics supplemental codes from the 1990 Industry and Occupation Coding Instruction Manual.

This site provides access for you to download the SOIC software and User’s Manual as well as other SOIC information and installation resources. More information…..

Minimum System Requirements
  • 90 MHz Pentium with 32 MB of RAM
  • Windows® 98, NT, ME, or 2000
  • Minimum 30 MB of free disk space
Download SOIC Software
User's Manual


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SOIC Software

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