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Bench-to-Bedside Awards

FY 2002 Bench-to-Bedside Projects

ICs Project/Investigator
NINDS " T Cell-Depleting Monoclonal Antibody Campath-1H in Patients with Inclusion Body Myositis: Correlation of Clinical Response with Changes in Endomysial T-Cell Epitopes, Inflammatory Cytokines, and Costimulatory Molecules"
PIs: M. Dalakas, MD, NINDS; R. Martin, MD, NINDS
AIs: O. Vasconcelos, MD, R. Raju, PhD., P. Muraro, MD, PhD, NINDS
" Alloreactive natural killer (NK) cell immunotherapy to improve outcome of allogeneic stem cell transplantation"
PIs: A. J. Barrett, MDNHLBI; E. Read, MD, CC, DTM
NICHD " Intracellular Calcium Measurement in Adipocytes (ICMA): An Adjunct to the Study of Supplemental Calcium in Overweight Out Patients (SCOOP) Study"
PI: S. Parikh, MD, NICHD; P. Blank, Ph.D., NICHD
AIs: 6 from NICHD, CC Nutrition, CC Pharmacy, CC Nuc Med
CC " Impact on platelet survival of donor/recipient selection based on definitive sequence-based HLA typing"
PIs: S. Leitman, MD, CC, DTM; F. Marincola, MD, CC, DTM
NCI " Characterization of High Risk Breast Duct Epithelium by Cytology Breast Duct Endocscopy, and cDNA Gene Expression Profile"
PIs: D. Danforth, M.D., NCI; P. Steeg, Ph.D.,NCI
AIs: J. Zujewski, MD, NCI, R. Giust, MD, NCI, A. Abati, MD, NCI, R. Simon, DSci, T. Ried, MD, NCI
NIEHS " Potential involvement of a brain-specific isoform of the winged helix transcription factor RFX4 in human congenital hydrocephalus"
PIs: P. Blackshear, MD, NIEHS; D. Zeldin, MD, NIEHS

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