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The NIEHS provides federal research funding in the form of grants to universities and other research organizations for research projects, small business awards, research center funding, training and career development, loan repayment programs, and other research projects and activities. The NIEHS employs a variety of grant mechanisms to support a wide array of research projects from single investigator-initiated grants to multi-project, multi-investigator consortia grants. Awards are made on a competitive basis upon recommendation of a peer review process that scores each application on its scientific and technical merits. NIEHS management and monitoring of an awarded grant is the responsibility of two parties: a grants management specialist who is responsible for the business and financial aspects of the grant, and a program administrator who is responsible for overseeing the progress toward the scientific goals of the grant.

Information on the types of grants funded by the NIEHS, guidelines, application instructions, and contact information is available through the links below.

Announcements of Grant Opportunities (/funding/grants/announcements/index.cfm) Contacts for Applicants (/funding/grants/contacts.cfm)
Two people shaking hands (/funding/grants/announcements/index.cfm)

Applicants may view funding opportunities such as Requests for Applications (RFAs), Program Announcements (PAs) and Guide Notices as well as an archive of past RFAs.

Researcher with microscope(/funding/grants/contacts.cfm)

Investigators interested in submitting grant applications to NIEHS are encouraged to contact a Health Science Administrator (HSA).

Grant Mechanisms & Guidelines (/funding/grants/mechanisms/index.cfm) Instructions & Resources for Applicants (/funding/grants/instructions/index.cfm)
Researcher working at desk (/funding/grants/mechanisms/index.cfm)

This page provides a description of grant mechanisms and application guidelines used by NIEHS.

Worker in hazmat suit (/funding/grants/instructions/index.cfm)

These links are intended to guide a grant applicant through the application submission, review and award process.

NIEHS-Funded Grants & Priorities (/funding/grants/priorities/index.cfm) Peer Review (/funding/grants/review/index.cfm)
Researcher working at desk (/funding/grants/priorities/index.cfm)

The institute maintains a database of currently-funded grants and provides an explanation of funding strategies, the NIEHS strategic plan and other NIH resources.

Worker in hazmat suit (/funding/grants/review/index.cfm)

The NIEHS Scientific Review Branch (SRB) identifies the most meritorious scientific research to support with its federal resources.

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