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U.S. Presidents

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. You can find out about the last 43 presidents here.

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

Government Sites

American Treasures - Library of Congress - A guide to some of the "treasures" in the Library of Congress. Check out Thomas Jefferson's handwritten draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Executive Branch - Ben's Guide - (Government Printing Office) - The executive branch of Government enforces the laws of the land. The President receives this help from the Vice President, department heads (Cabinet members), heads of independent agencies, and executive agencies.

First Ladies of the United States - They came from different social and economic backgrounds, from many different geographical regions, and with diverse education preparation. Each First Lady served our country well and each left her own mark. Visit this site to learn more about them.

Meet Amazing Americans - America's Story - Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today.

Political History - Smithsonian Institution - Learn about the history of politics. This site has resources on such topics as Presidents and First Ladies and Reform and Civil Rights.

President's Cabinet - Ben's Guide - (Government Printing Office) - The purpose of the Cabinet is to advise the President on matters relating to the duties of their respective offices.

Presidents of the United States - (White House) - The biographies of the presidents’ give us a clear look into the highs and lows of American history. Learn more about the presidents, the changes we faced in the past, and challenges yet to come.

Primary Election: Election of the President & Vice President (Grades 9-12) - (Government Printing Office) - Learn about the process to elect a President and Vice President.

The American Presidency - The American presidency has a fascinating history. Learn more form this interesting site..

Truman Library Kids Page - Learn all about Harry Truman, former president of the United States and all sorts of other "Truman" trivia.

U.S. Electoral College - (Office of the Federal Register) - The Electoral College is not a place; it is a process that began as part of the original design of the U.S. Constitution. The people of the U.S. vote for the electors who then vote for the President. Read more about how the terms "Elector" and "Electoral College" came into use.

U.S. Presidents - America's Story - (Library Of Congress) - Learn more about our U.S. Presidents. See a timeline of important events.

Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate) - (U.S. Senate) - American vice presidents have included some remarkable individuals. Go to this site to find out more.

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Other Resources

Citizenship Quiz - - Test your knowledge on Amercian Government, American History and Civics.

Kids Pick The President - Nickelodeon - Nickelodeon's letting you pick the issues and the president, because the next four years affect you and your future.

Presidents: the Secret History - Learn some little known facts about our presidents.

United States Government - FactMonster - Learn about presidents, elections, congress, and the supreme court.

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