Rule Number One: Enjoy Your Visit!
The National Zoo is a wonderful place to explore, learn, and relax. Our few rules help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all visitors.

No Pets
Pets, leashed or unleashed, are not allowed in the park because they may disturb the Zoo's animals. In hot weather, it is dangerous to leave a pet closed up in a vehicle. Please leave your pets at home if at all possible. (Service dogs are permitted.)

Zoo SignWalk, Don't Ride
Only people in wheelchairs and kids in strollers or wagons get to ride around the Zoo. Biking is permitted only on public vehicle roads. Riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, and the like is prohibited on all pedestrian walkways. While in the Zoo, you must park or walk or carry your bike, scooter, skateboard, etc. There are bike racks near the Visitor Center and at Lion-Tiger Hill.

No Smoking
To decrease fire hazard and ensure the safety and health of visitors, staff, and animals, smoking is not permitted in the public areas at the National Zoo.

Quiet, Please
Please do not play loud music; use earphones to avoid disturbing animals and other visitors.

Please Don't Feed the Animals
Our animals have scientifically formulated diets to ensure their health and well being. Human food may make them sick. Also for the animals' safety, our Food Service outlets do not offer straws or lids. Balloons are prohibited.

Respect Boundaries
Rails, moats, and other barriers between you and our animals are there to protect you and the animals from harm. It is especially important not to lift children over rails or rest them on railings, or let them stick fingers or arms through fences. Remember, Zoo animals are wild animals.

Don't Litter
Put all of your trash in bins. Look for blue bins to recycle your cans and plastic bottles. Help us save resources and keep your Zoo clean.

Visitors are encouraged to take photographs for their personal use and to share their memories with family and friends. Photographers wishing to market and sell their photos of Zoo animals must contact the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Product Development and Licensing.

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