Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about FONZ membership? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. If you don't see the answer to your question, please call us at 202.633.3034 or email us.

How do I join FONZ?
There are three ways to join FONZ. You can join online, mail in a completed application form, or join at the Zoo at any information booth, parking booth, or gift shop.

When will I receive my permanent membership card?
It takes three to four weeks to process a new membership. Your membership card and welcome package will be sent to you soon after your membership is processed.

Can I redeem my FONZ benefits before my permanent membership card arrives?
Yes. Your membership is active the day you join FONZ. If you join online, you will receive an email confirming your membership immediately. You may print this email and bring it to the Zoo to enjoy your benefits. If you join during a visit to the Zoo, you will be given a temporary card valid for up to three months.

How many membership cards will I receive?
You will receive one membership card. If you purchase a membership at or above the Household level you may list up to two names on your membership card.

What do I do if I misplace my membership card?
If you misplace your membership card, you can request a new card online. There is a $5 charge for printing a replacement card. If you do not have a valid membership card, you will not be able to receive free parking when visiting the Zoo. Please allow two to thee weeks for delivery. If you plan to visit the Zoo before your replacement card arrives, please contact the membership office at 202.633.3038.

How can I renew my membership?
You can renew your membership online, at the Zoo, or by mail. You will receive renewal notices by mail and by email, if you provide your email address.

How can I change my mailing and email address?
You can change your mailing and email address by sending us an email with your name, old and new addresses, and FONZ member number.

Can I purchase a membership for more than one year?
Individual, Young Professional, and Household levels of membership are also available as two-year memberships.

Can I support FONZ if I live outside the D.C. Metro area?
By becoming a FONZ member, you help support the National Zoo's commitment to providing leadership in animal care, science, education, and sustainability. You can also support this important mission by donating to the National Zoo.

Do you offer discounts for seniors?
Yes. People 65 and older can purchase a Senior FONZ membership for $35 for one year.

Is free parking included with my membership?
Yes. Every level of FONZ membership includes free parking when visiting the Zoo for the duration of the membership. However, it does not guarantee that parking will be available. Plan to arrive early when weather is nice.

Is my membership payment tax-deductible?
Yes. The amount you may deduct varies by membership level.

Membership Level   Deductible Amount
Zoogoer, Senior, Individual, Young Professional, Household, Contributing   100% of membership dues
Patron   $241.50
Sponsor   $491.50
Benefactor   $925.00
Director's Circle   $2,425.00
Conservation Circle   $4,865.00
Wildlife Society   $9,790.00

Can I lend my membership card to a friend or family member?
No. Memberships are nontransferable and are valid only for the person or persons listed on the card.

Is my membership good at other zoos?
The National Zoo participates in a reciprocal program that includes more than 100 zoos and aquariums around the county. As a FONZ member, you are eligible to receive benefits from other participating organizations. We recommend that you call ahead before planning your visit to a reciprocating zoo or aquarium to confirm what benefits it offers. See a list of reciprocating zoos and aquariums and their current benefits.

Thank you for supporting the National Zoo. Money raised through membership is used to support the National Zoo’s international wildlife conservation efforts.

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