1. Discovery
    The Zoo is a great place to discover and appreciate diverse and unusual creatures from tiny leaf-cutter ants to huge elephants. Learning about other species by watching their behavior can offer us new insight into ourselves.

  2. Imagination
    Finding out about the survival strategies that different animals have stretches the imagination. Check out how orangutans walk along the suspended O Line, how giant pandas use their “thumbs,” and how naked mole-rats are like honeybees.

  3. Young Animals
    Seeing young animals learning to adjust to their new environment and interacting with their mothers can be a life-affirming experience. Our animal youngsters are irresistible and entertaining. Check out the panda cub, young western lowland gorilla, Sumatran tiger cubs, sea lions, Asian elephant, and other young animals at the Zoo. more

  4. Ice Cream and Souvenirs
    Being at the National Zoo is a great excuse to eat ice cream and bring home plush animals.

  5. Watching Local Wildlife
    Walking down paths to less popular areas of the park or taking a break on a bench puts you among thousands of plants, trees, and animals like chipmunks, squirrels, ducks and many other bird species. Meet the animals who call the Zoo home, along with the Zoo’s more permanent residents.

  6. A World of Animals
    Be a wildlife biologist in Washington, D.C.! You can watch and learn about wild animals from all over the world in one place.

  7. Great Exercise
    Walking along the paths visiting animals is good for you! Many local residents walk and jog through the Zoo daily, keeping fit while enjoying views of tigers, lemurs, elephants, gibbons, pandas, sloth bears, and other animals that spend most of their time outdoors.

  8. Supporting Great Causes
    Visiting helps support the Zoo’s mission to study, celebrate, and help protect animals—at and outside of the Zoo. Money raised through your visit goes to many worthwhile causes, including species and habitat conservation and improving Zoo facilities for animals and visitors.

  9. FUN
    There’s something about the Zoo that brings out the kid in all of us. Having fun is important at every age!

  10. Admission is free!

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