Conservation and Science: Tropical Ecosystems - National Zoo| FONZ

Scientists at the National Zoo are working to celebrate, study, and protect wildlife and habitats throughout the world.

The tropics are especially important because biodiversity in the tropics is very high and because there are numerous “hotspots” of biodiversity that are home to a significant number of the Earth’s rarest species.

Several National Zoo research and conservation programs focus on tropical habitats and species:

  • Tigers in Asia
  • Golden lion tamarins in Brazil
  • Forests of Myanmar
  • Birds in Papua New Guinea
  • Primates in Sri Lanka
  • Biodiversity in Gabon
  • Red howler monkeys in Venezuela
  • Veterinary medicine in South Africa
  • Reproduction in tropical cats
  • Sloth bears in India
  • Fishing and rusty spotted cats in Sri Lanka
  • Kori bustards in Africa
  • Amazon GIS
  • Elephants in Central Africa

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