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What is Workforce Development?

Workforce development in public health is an attempt to improve outcomes (i.e., healthier people) by improving the training and skills of public health workers.

PHF offers number of services and resources to help improve your workforce. They include:

TRAIN - TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network

TRAIN is the nation’s premier learning resource for professionals who protect the public’s health. TRAIN is a unique web-based learning management solution that provides a robust clearinghouse of on-site training and distance learning opportunities available in local, state, and national jurisdictions.

TRAIN houses information on over 9,500 public health courses offered by more than 2,200 providers. Visit to start searching courses or go here for more information about TRAIN.


Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice

For over 16 years the Council, a coalition of representatives of 17 national organizations, has worked to further academic/practice collaboration to assure a well-trained, competent workforce and a strong, evidence-based health infrastructure. The Council has completed such projects as the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and worked to compile strategies to address the public health worker shortage.


Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) distributes and markets over 300 timely resource materials to more than 100,000 public health and healthcare professionals annually. LRC is a self-supporting private-public partnership that operates on a cost-recovery basis. It provides customers with needed information; quality and affordable materials; one-stop shopping; fast delivery; notification of new materials through our electronic announcement, Hot Off the Presses; on-line ordering on a user-friendly, secure website; multiple toll-free phone lines; and excellent customer service.


Outside Resources

For additional information on public health workforce development issues and programs, we suggest the following resources:

Emergency Preparedness: Core Competencies for All Public Health Workers (PDF)

National Library of Medicine - Partners in Information Access for Public Health Professionals

National Library of Medicine - Search under Healthy People Objective 23-10 for journal articles on competency-based continuing education for public health employees

HP2010 Workforce Companion Document to achieve minority representation and continuing education objectives (PDF)

National Public Health Leadership Development Network

Public Health Training Bibliography

The Public Health Workforce Enumeration 2000 (PDF, NOTE: 1,686 K - LARGE FILE)


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