Persian Onager Diary

On June 29, 2008, CRC welcomed a baby onager, a type of Asiatic wild ass native to Iran.

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December 15

As I mentioned last week, the foal’s life is full of firsts, and he had yet another one this week. But he may have thought this one was a little less pleasant than getting a new play yard: He got his first vaccines!

Just like human vaccines, the foal’s vaccines will help keep him from getting sick. Although getting vaccines can be a painful experience for you and me, the foal was anesthetized for the procedure and doesn’t even remember getting his shots. The anesthesia serves a dual purpose. It provides the foal with a much less traumatic experience, and gives the vet staff a safe working environment. So, the next morning when I went out to collect urine from his mom and sister he was eager as ever to greet me as ever, and was his usual spunky self! We cannot help but be pleased that we are able to offer the foal the best veterinary care and ensure that he has a long and healthy life.        

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Przewalski's Horse Diary

In summer 2008, two Przewalski's horses, the world’s last remaining wild horse, were born at the National Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center (CRC) in Front Royal, Virginia. You can find out how the foals are doing in our Przewalski's Horse Diary.

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January 6

We've just posted a video of the foals romping in their new yard in September. Check it out!

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