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Recommended Reading

The Zoo's Reading List: From Dr. Seuss to Darwin, many writers have penned "must reads" for anyone interested in wildlife and conservation. Zoo and FONZ staff created this list of educational and inspirational books. link tomore


Diary of a Zoo Leader in Training: The Zoo’s first Fujifilm Curatorial Resident in Animal Care provides a window into what it’s like to work at the National Zoo.

Tiger Cub Diary 2: Our Sumatran tiger Soyono gave birth to her third litter on May 24, 2006. Read a diary about the two females and one male by keeper Marie Magnuson.

Tiger Cub Diary: On May 2, 2004, our Sumatran tiger Soyono gave birth to a litter of three male cubs. The cubs left the Zoo in January 2006. Read a diary about the cubs by keeper Marie Magnuson.

Zoo Tales

Get a whole new perspective on the 2,000 animals that live here and the people who care for them with Zoo Tales, a biweekly multimedia feature from the Washington Post. click to Check out Zoo Tales.

Travel Features


Antarctic Expedition: A team of scientists from the National Zoo and collaborating institutions goes to Antarctica to study how Weddell seals manage to rear young in the harsh and unforgiving conditions of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.


A journal kept by former Zoo Director Lucy Spelman while traveling to giant panda reserves in China

open weblet Managing Giant Panda Reproduction: How artificial insemination helps ensure the survival of a species (Fall 2002)

Finding ways to improve the breeding success of giant pandas is one way people are working to ensure their survival. National Zoo behaviorist David Powell spent a summer in China studying panda behavior at four different breeding centers or zoos, where the success of panda reproduction is unsurpassed worldwide. open webletFind out, through the journal Powell kept while working in China, how a scientist looks for answers to critical questions. (Summer 2001)

open weblet Around the Rim in Fourteen Days: Travels into Giant Panda Reserves in the Mountains that Rim the China's Sichuan Basin
(May 2001)

open weblet Panda Conservation Brings Lucy Spelman Back to China (Fall 2001)


A Trip to Guyana (August 2001)

Giant Panda Features

Managing Giant Panda Reproduction: How artificial insemination helps ensure the survival of a species.
(Fall 2002)

Celebrating One Year with Mei Xiang and Tian Tian: A photo essay highlighting the panda pair's first year in D.C. What scientists learned about these animals, how their preferences shaped plans for their future home, and much more. 8 pages (January 2002)

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