Corporate Partnerships

We have ambitious plans for the future of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park as a force in wildlife conservation and environmental protection. The Zoo, with support from Friends of the National Zoo, has been leading national and international conservation and education initiatives for many years. But the need for such efforts is growing beyond our ability to support them. We must join forces with corporate America to ensure a future for wildlife and a high quality of life for our children and their children’s children.

The National Zoo has developed a ten-year strategic plan. With increased non-federal (private) funding, we plan to secure the resources to move forward in maintaining world-class standards in the areas of animals, facilities, reproductive biology, veterinary medicine, and visitation. With newly formed corporate partnerships, we will be able to redirect precious resources to support these goals.

FONZ and the National Zoo have developed partnerships with corporations that provide funding and other support for the Zoo’s important conservation and public education programs. Partnerships may take the form of both monetary and in-kind donations, along with a mix of advertising and promotional exposure.

Affiliation With FONZ is Good Business
Companies need to break through marketplace clutter to generate top-of-mind awareness, build brand equity, and increase consumer loyalty. Join FONZ in support of the National Zoo and bring public attention to your company's conservation efforts, while enhancing your corporate image and differentiating your product from the competition's.

Our Partners
Current year-round partners include:

FujifilmFujifilm – Fujifilm is proud to be the National Zoo’s lead corporate partner in supporting giant panda research and conservation. The company’s $7.8 million contribution in 2000 is the largest single sponsorship ever provided to the National Zoo, enabling the Zoo to bring giant pandas back from China, create a state-of-the-art research facility and habitat, and design a new conservation education program to help people learn more about giant pandas and the conservation of endangered species and their habitats.

The Fujifilm/Zoo partnership—“Partners in Conservation Education”—has produced new giant panda activity books distributed to Zoo visitors, teacher curriculum and exhibit guides, interpretive materials and volunteer interpreter training, a giant panda video album CD-ROM, a distance learning video that was broadcast to thousands of classrooms nationwide, and Conservation Central, an interactive web-based curriculum for middle school students and teachers that explores the temperate forest habitat, home of the giant panda.

Coca-ColaThe Coca-Cola Company – Coca-Cola products are served at the Smithsonian's National Zoo. In addition to providing product and funding for major Zoo events, receptions, and fundraisers, proceeds from Coca-Cola products sold such as soft drinks, water, and juice, help to support the Zoo’s important conservation and education programs throughout the year.

Coca-Cola is an ongoing underwriter sponsor of National ZooFari, Guppy Gala, and Boo at the Zoo, all of which benefit endangered species acquisition, research and breeding, as well as the Zoo’s public education programs.

United - It's time to fly.United Airlines – In October 2006, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced that United Airlines is the exclusive airline sponsor of Asia Trail. United is generously donating funds to support the Zoo’s efforts to study and conserve Asian species, and is providing air travel for Zoo scientists and staff. Additional in-kind support will enable the National Zoo to educate the public about its conservation and science programs around the world. Our scientists and animal-care experts will be able to collaborate with their colleagues abroad, as we work together to protect and save endangered species and their habitats.

FONZ also invites businesses to support its major events. We are grateful for the ongoing support of such companies as American Airlines, Whole Foods Market, CVS/pharmacy, Geico Direct, Starbucks Coffee Company, and more.

For more information on corporate partnerships or sponsoring a Zoo event, call Jackie Vinick at 202.633.3046 or email her.

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