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Contracts data was last updated on November 31, 2008 for all 24 CFO Act agencies at this time.

Assistance data was last updated on December 23, 2008 for 20 of 24 CFO act agencies. Updates are currently pending for the following agencies: DHS, HHS, NRC and TREAS.

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Federal Assistance by Type of Recipient

Table shows amounts in billions of dollars, and is sorted by FY 2008 dollars.
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Recipient category FY 2000FY 2001FY 2002FY 2003FY 2004FY 2005FY 2006FY 2007FY 2008FY 20091Q * Partial year help link
(partial year)
FY 2000-2009FY 2008 Rank
Expand table link Government $292.629$324.817$383.747$452.354$428.888$422.072$489.496$244.685$487.147$16.137$3,541.9711
Expand table link Higher Education $39.619$40.085$40.457$53.371$43.721$47.213$43.911$51.175$136.907$5.980$502.4392
Expand table link For Profits $29.108$23.325$8.992$9.796$10.591$10.430$25.739$42.569$68.879$8.125$237.5553
Nonprofits $15.215$14.491$27.000$23.344$22.918$21.673$23.157$10.511$31.570$0.360$190.2394
Other $1.099$2.807$2.227$2.587$1.889$2.673$3.966$283.146$16.532$1.188$318.1155
Individuals Individuals help link $1,227.206$1,401.558$1,558.822$1,678.510$1,666.178$1,713.440$1,862.298$0.089$0.075$0.008$11,108.1866
Total $1,604.877$1,807.084$2,021.246$2,219.963$2,174.185$2,217.501$2,448.567$632.175$741.109$31.799$15,898.505--

The assistance database is compiled from agency-provided data. For timeliness details, please see the Data Quality tab.

Note: The numbers in this table can change after each data load. Transactions included in a data load can impact numbers for the current and previous fiscal years.

The data housed on is provided by Federal agencies. Please refer to the Data Quality site for information about the current status of data quality. is continuously developing ways to measure and improve the quality of the data on the site.