In addition to our research in the tropics, we have extensive programs in temperate ecosystems. Our projects are spread across the world from Virginia to China.

Migratory Birds
A tremendous amount of migratory bird research is carried out by Smithsonian ornithologists at the National Zoo.

San Joaquin Kit Fox
Katherine Ralls and her collaborators have been studying kit foxes since 1989. Topics include kit fox population dynamics; interactions between kit foxes and coyotes; and survey methods.

Desert Tortoises in Nevada
Led by Olav Oftedal, the nutrition lab has been investigating the nutritional needs of the desert tortoise, a threatened species, since 1991. The goals of the project are to determine the specific nutrient requirements of the tortoise, to ascertain which food plants meet those requirements, and to develop ways to assess the availability of such foods in tortoise habitat.

Giant Pandas in China
And in Asia, our more recent efforts directed toward panda research are rapidly gaining ground.

White-tailed Deer in Eastern Forests
We measure the impact of deer foraging on spring wildflowers and the impact of timber harvest on forest birds and mammals.

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