Calling All Amateur Photographers!
Take the Photo Challenge

The National Zoo always encourages our visitors to take lots of photographs of the amazing animals living here. But sometimes taking photos of animals in their habitats can be tricky.

The National Zoo and our partner, Fujifilm, want to help solve some of these photo problems with our new photo challenge initiative. Beginning this month, we invite you to submit questions, share comments, or engage in a brief discussion relevant to a particular photo challenge topic. The topics have been selected by Zoo photographers, Fujifilm photographers, and members of the FONZ Photo Club.

You will have four weeks to submit questions and share comments relevant to the topic. Answers will be provided by our team of professional photographers. Shortly thereafter, the answers, comments, and discussion items will be posted on our website. Every other month, a new photo challenge topic will be posted for questions and discussion.

Photo Challenge Topic – January 2008:

Photographing Animals in the Winter

The winter months can provide a beautiful backdrop for photographing the animals at the National Zoo. Many of our animals, pandas in particular, are more active in the cold weather and playful on snowy days. However, this white background can pose challenges for a photographer.

For this challenge topic, we invite you to submit questions, comments, or examples of difficult situations and what you can do to take a better picture.

Please submit questions and comments by February 10. Answers will be posted the week of February 23.

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