Education at the National Zoo
As the nation's zoo, we provide leadership in conservation science. We educate and inspire diverse communities so they become part of our commitment to celebrate, study, and protect animals and their habitats.

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Field Trip Resources
The Zoo offers many field trip resources for you and your students. You can schedule an in-depth exhibit program with staff, download animal bingo, print a map, and more. link tomore
Activity Guides | Encounters and Daily Programs | Exhibit Programs | Activity Sheets | Planning a Field Trip | Self Guides | Videos

Classroom Resources and School Partnerships
Bring science and conservation lessons into your classroom with curriculum guides, Migratory Bird Center activities, school partnerships, outreach programs for area schools and communities, and wildlife explorer kits that contain animal artifacts, videos, and other educational tools. link tomore
Conservation Central | Curriculum Guides | Migratory Bird Activities | Wildlife Explorer Kits | Biodiversity Monitoring Project | Bridging the Americas | Columbia Heights Community Science Workshop | CRC School Outreach Program

Classes, Summer Camps, and Teen Research Travel
FONZ's award-winning membership education programs provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn more about wildlife and how to get involved in its protection. link tomore
Classes for Kids | Adult Classes | Summer Safari Day Camp | Overnight Camps | Teen Research Travel

Professional Opportunities and Training
Scientists, teachers, and college students can further their knowledge through basic and advanced training in a wide variety of conservation, wildlife, and environmental science topics through courses, workshops, internships, and fellowships. link tomore
Teacher Training | Internships and Fellowships | Professional Training

Online Resources for Educators and Students
The website has animal fact sheets, live web cams, links to other educations sites, photo galleries, articles from our magazine, and Conservation Central, an online habitat education program that helps kids learn about habitat conservation through curricula and activities. link tomore
Conservation Central | Animal Fact Sheets | Animal Web Cams | Homework Helper | Photo Gallery | Smithsonian Zoogoer Articles

Can't find the information you're looking for?
Stop in and see us. The FONZ education offices are located in the Zoo's Visitor Center and are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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