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Coordinating Office for Global Health

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In today's world of increasing globalization, the United States continually faces new challenges and opportunities in public health. In partnership with other parts of the US government, public health officials throughout the world, and host countries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works to protect and promote global health in many areas, including these:

  • HIV/STD/TB prevention and control;
  • global malaria research, prevention, and control;
  • polio eradication;
  • global disease detection
  • fewer deaths from measles;
  • capacity building through training in epidemiology, surveillance, and management;
  • maternal, prenatal, infant and child health strategies;
  • nutrition assessments and interventions;
  • refugee health;
  • emergency response,
  • laboratory systems and infrastructure development; and
  • injury prevention and control.

Health Promotion

Global health will improve by sharing knowledge, tools and other resources with people and partners around the world.

Health Protection

Americans at home and abroad will be protected from health threats through a transnational prevention, detection and response network.

Health Diplomacy

CDC and the United States Government will be trusted and effective resources for health development and health protection around the globe.

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