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Open Source Design for a Human-Powered Water Purifier
A virtual design team is building a human-powered device to provide potable water to the developing world and to disaster areas where power is not readily available. The team needs your ideas.

Linda Hall Library
The library dedicated to providing the most comprehensive science, engineering, and technology collections, reliable library services, and finest educational programs and exhibits.

National Academy of Engineering National Academy of Engineering
The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) mission is to promote the technological welfare of the nation by marshaling the knowledge and insights of eminent members of the engineering profession.

The Gilbreth Network The Gilbreth Network
The Network was founded in 1996 by David Ferguson for the purpose of connecting people worldwide who are interested in the lives and work of engineers and efficiency experts.

United Engineering Foundation Small United Engineering Foundation
The objective of the UES was to provide a united home for the major engineering societies of the day.

Student CenterGet More >>>
2009 Student Design Competition - MARS ROCKS!
Student teams are challenged to design and build a vehicle that will retrieve rocks and bring them to a designated spot.

Early Career CenterGet More >>>
Girl Working At Laptop With Pencil Old Guard Early Career Engineer Essay Competition
How has ASME helped you in your transition to engineering practice and in your development as a engineer? Share your story with engineering students and other early career engineers.

History CenterGet More >>>
Committee on History & Heritage
About the Committee, their function and members

InternationalGet More >>>
Male Student Looking At Bulletin Board Scholarships for International Students
View a complete list of ASME scholarships available to International students.

Technical ConnectionsGet More >>>
Pipeline BioProcessing Equipment (BPE)
ASME BPE serves the needs of those involved in the BioProcessing, Pharmaceutical, and Personal Care Product industries.

Member ConnectionsGet More >>>
Affinity Groups
The Affinity groups are the cutting edge of ASME member activity and identify, develop and support groups of members with a special interest, which crosses technical and geographic boundaries.

DiversityGet More >>>
CFL&D Luncheon At Congress 2006 Envisioning the Future of Engineering
Workshop led by Todd Allen at ASME's 2006 Congress, including the award-winning presentation by Michigan Tech students.

Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEEI)Get More >>>
Written Word Online CEEI Tools and Resources
Gain access to innovation leaders and critical thinkers through CEEI's Tools and Resources.

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