Elephant Trails: A Campaign to Save Asian Elephants

Elephant TrailsAsian elephants could soon disappear in the wild and in zoos. The National Zoo is doing all it can to prevent this tragedy. That’s why we’ve launched Elephant Trails, a comprehensive breeding, education, and scientific research program to help save these magnificent animals and ensure their future.

Construction has begun on the new Elephant Trails exhibit. We need your help to complete this important project at the Zoo and to save Asian elephants in the wild.

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Why We Need Your Help

As part of the Smithsonian Institution, the National Zoo receives some of its funding from the federal government. These funds cover the majority of our annual operating costs. The remaining funds needed to run the Zoo and its programs must be raised from private sources. That’s where Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), the Zoo's nonprofit partner, comes in. FONZ raises additional funds to support the Zoo’s animal care, conservation science, education, and sustainability programs, as well as capital-improvement projects like Elephant Trails.

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Looking to the Future

Founded in 1889, the National Zoo is one of the world's greatest zoos. Its living collection of 400 species is a national treasure. For the three million visitors who come to the Zoo each year from around the world, this spectacular urban park offers an unparalleled window into the wild.

The Zoo's strategic plan outlines our vision: By 2016, we expect to be recognized as nothing less than the world’s finest zoo—a recognized leader in the areas of animal care, science, education, and sustainability.

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