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NLM Email Lists is a service which allows users to subscribe to announcement and discussion lists hosted by the National Library of Medicine. Through this service, users can receive list postings, access list archives, and post messages to a list. NLM also offers RSS feeds, podcasts, and webcasts.

Click on the name of a list to join or leave the list, change your subscription settings, post to the list, or search the list archives.

Weekly announcement-only list of new and updated files on the NLM Web site (, HSTAT, MedlinePlus, and NLM Anonymous FTP server (

Sign up for one or all of the MedlinePlus announcement lists including:

Weekly announcement-only list of new resources, health topics, and announcements placed on the National Library of Medicine's consumer health Web site, MedlinePlus.
Weekly announcement-only list of new and updated consumer health information from the National Institutes of Health (only).
Weekly announcement of all new resources and health news stories in Spanish.
Daily announcement-only list of news headlines and announcements on MedlinePlus.

Plus many lists containing information of interest to specific consumer groups, including
  • Diabetes
  • Environmental Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  • Children's Health
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Senior's Health

Announcement-only list about the upcoming publication of Citing Medicine, an online reference book published by the National Library of Medicine. Additional information about Citing Medicine is available at


Unmoderated discussion list restricted to registered DOCLINE users. The discussion list provides NLM with a means of broadcasting messages to DOCLINE users. It also provides a forum for DOCLINE users to communicate with each other and NLM about any issue related to DOCLINE, SERHOLD, or document delivery.

Discussion list restricted to the National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus Go Local health initiative with libraries and other community-based organizations in the U.S. The unmoderated list serves as a forum for communication among current and interested participants in MedlinePlus Go Local projects.

NLM Tox-Enviro-Health-L More Information
Email announcements-only list available from the National Library of Medicine (NLM)'s Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS). The purpose of this announcement list is to broadcast updates on SIS's resources, services, and outreach in toxicology and environmental health.

PHPartners Link
Weekly announcement-only list of new resources added to the Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce website at

PubMed-Alerts More Information
Announcements-only list that will notify subscribers of major system problems with PubMed; its two companion databases, MeSH and Journals; and the NLM Catalog.

UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) users are encouraged to subscribe to this list, to share their experiences with, or seek advice from the UMLS community on using UMLS resources. NLM also uses this forum to seek advice from UMLS users, and to distribute official announcements about UMLS products and services.
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