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ASME Constitution and By-Laws
Complete list of ASME's constitution and by-laws including a PDF and MS Word version of each.

2008 - 2009 Society Officers
This roster of the 2008 - 2009 Society Officers includes Board of Governors, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and other officers.

ASME Society Policies
A Complete listing of ASME's Policies including a PDF and MS Word version of each.

Committee On Finance And Investment
Committee on Finance and Investment information including meeting agendas and minutes.

Board of GovernorsGet More >>>
Board Of Governors Board of Governors
Elected by the Membership from among its numbers, the Board is charged to decide on matters of Society policy, budget, appointments to leadership and representative positions.

Codes & Standards Board Of DirectorsGet More >>>
Codes & Standards Board Of Directors
The Codes & Standards Board Of Directors, under the direction of the Board of Governors, will supervise the activities of the Society relating to Codes and Standards.

Institutes SectorGet More >>>
Institutes Sector
Providing a focused arena for business activities relevant to identified technical, educational or technological endeavors is the underlying purpose of ASME’s Institutes area.

Strategic Management SectorGet More >>>
2008 Vision for Mechanical Engineering - A report of the Global Summit on the Future of Mechanical Engineering Global Summit Environmental Scan Report on the Future of Mechanical Engineering is now available!
ASME report, 2028 Vision for Mechanical Engineering, mechanical engineers will have to collaborate with partners worldwide to apply innovative solutions and best practices.

Centers SectorGet More >>>
Centers Sector Minutes and Agendas
All minutes and agendas for the Board of Centers can be found here.

Knowledge & Community SectorGet More >>>
Knowledge & Community Sector
Serves as a resource and platform for enabling the member units to form collaghborative efforts, best practices, outreach, programs on critical issues, and new business opportunities.

Nominating CommitteeGet More >>>
Nominating Committee
2008 Officer Canidates. Highly Qualified Members Wanted.You may obtain Nomination Packet and other important documents

Volunteer ResourcesGet More >>>
ASME Section Newsletter Templates
Find the monthy newsletter templates for use by ASME Sections.

Honors & AwardsGet More >>>
ASME Society Awards
Information on all Society Awards, award nomination processes and nomination forms can be found here.

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