The National Zoo is a beautiful 163-acre park located in Washington, D.C. Situated within Rock Creek Park’s urban forest, the Zoo offers visitors to the nation's capital a taste of the great outdoors—from woodlands and wetlands to prairie and desert.

Here, native trees like oak, beech, and hickory, water-edge plants like cattail, reed, and sedge, and many other flora and fauna are living and growing for you to study, celebrate, and learn ways to help preserve.

In Our Backyard

The Zoo has a vast collection of animals, but look outside our exhibits to the “Zoo’s backyard.” Our backyard includes many natural habitats and plantscapes for you to enjoy and study. Butterflies, birds, frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, foxes, raccoons, and other species native to eastern North America roam the Zoo grounds day and night, making a home in our park. Migratory birds also enjoy the sanctuary of the Zoo.

Meet Zoo animals that aren't part of the Zoo's collection.

Learn about wild birds at the National Zoo

Zoo in Your Backyard Exhibit

gardenThe Zoo is a great place to see rare and unusual animals. But extraordinary animals can be found in the most ordinary places—even in your own backyard. With a flower garden, pond, and a yard that doubles as a Neighborhood Nestwatch study site, the Zoo in Your Backyard Exhibit shows you how to make your backyard attractive to and safe for wildlife. click to Find out more.

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