The National Zoo has animals from all over the world. You can take a virtual tour around the world on the Zoo's website. As you travel, try to answer the questions for each continent. Photos of the animals and answers can be found on this website. Feel free to take the scenic route by visiting other pages and learning more.

The world tour begins in North America, but you better have your passport with you!

North AmericaNorth America

Where in the United States are American alligators found? Find out

Why did Mexican gray wolves almost go extinct? Find out

What do black-footed ferrets eat? Find out

When did the bald eagle become our national symbol? Find out


South AmericaSouth America

What do golden lion tamarins eat? Find out

How do maned wolves catch their prey? Find out

What habitats do boa constrictors live in? Find out

Just how big is the capybara, the world's largest rodent? Find out



Which laughing kookaburra parent takes care of hatchlings? Find out

Besides brown kiwis, what other kinds of kiwis make their home in New Zealand? Find out

What is the northern blue-tongued skink's habitat? Find out



AsiaWhat are some differences between African and Asian elephants? Find out

How many tigers are left in the world? Find out

How do white-cheeked gibbons begin each day? Find out

How much bamboo does a giant panda eat each day? Find out



AfricaHow are naked mole-rats similar to insects? Find out

What body part helps the caracal find prey? Find out

How much do giraffes sleep in a typical day? Find out

Do cheetahs live in prides, like lions do? Find out

Have you found out all the answers? Congratulations! Hope you learned a lot about animals all over the planet and enjoyed your worldwide journey.

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