The NIH Record

October 5, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 20

Spudich Discusses Myosin, Movement in Stetten Lecture

'Medicine for the Public'
Enters 23rd Season

Mikulski Visits NIA in Baltimore

Low-Dose Estrogen Spares
Bones, Enhances Hormone Replacement Therapy

NINDS Participates in Variety
of Disease Workshops

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Visitor Center To Be Transformed
Improvements to Grad Student Life, Training Forecast

By Rich McManus

While NIH decided this past summer not to go forward with establishing a degree-granting graduate school on campus, substantial improvements in the care and, yes, feeding of Ph.D. candidates are nonetheless imminent, reported NIH deputy director for intramural research Dr. Michael Gotttesman at a town meeting for NIH's graduate students Sept. 15 in Masur Auditorium.
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Customers Remain Content, Loyal
Drought Year Produces Mixed-Bag Reviews at Farmers Market

By Carla Garnett

Cattle farmer George Kephart sells fresh flowers, herbs and other greenery at NIH's Farmers Market, which comes to campus every Tuesday.

At a little past 2 o'clock on a recent Tuesday afternoon, business seems to be booming at the NIH Farmers Market, held weekly during the growing season until 6 p.m. on a small patch of lawn at parking lot 41B. The long tables are filled to overflowing with every fruit and vegetable from arugula to zucchini, with tempting displays of fresh herbs and flowers and baked goods thrown in for good measure. Dozens of pleased patrons wander from one set of baskets to another, picking out goodies and collecting tips from farmers about cooking and gardening. Seems only natural that a mostly organic market located at a place dedicated to health would stay crowded.
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