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Visiting D.C.

Around Capitol Hill

U.S. Capitol Home Page
Information presented by the Architect of the Capitol for everyone who wants to learn more about the Capitol and what it means.
The House Chamber
The Chamber of the United States House of Representatives.
Virtual Tour of Capitol
Explore the Nation's Capitol.
The Hall of the House of Representatives
This exhibition features the House of Representatives as it was during the half century it met in this chamber. The Old Hall of the House, now known as Statuary Hall, is one of the most historic spaces in the United States Capitol.
Map of Capitol Grounds
The Capitol, House and Senate office buildings are noted.
Capitol Tour Guide Services
What Capitol tour services are available and how to arrange tours.

Around Washington, D.C.

Touring DC
Information on tours and points of interest in the Washington, D.C. area.
Map of Washington, D.C. Metro System (Subway)
A map of the Washington, D.C. transit system, showing subway lines and stations. Note: the Blue or Orange Subway Lines, Capitol South station will take you the closest to House of Representatives office buildings.
White House Visitors Office
Information on White House tours.
National Park Service
Information on National Park Service units in the Nation's Capitol.
Maps of the Washington, D.C. Area
Map of Capitol Grounds |Map of the Mall |Washington, D.C. Sightseeing Maps |White House Area Map