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Test Your Connection

Live Video Test Page

1. QuickTime Version 2. Connection Speed
Download QuickTime 7  ( external sites
If You Don't Have it
Set Connection Speed
(In QuickTime Preferences)
to at Least 512 Kbps
or Select "Audio Only"
if Available

3. Your Firewall 4. NIH/NIEHS Firewall
If you can't see the QuickTime "clock" rotating, your firewall or proxy server may be rejecting the video feed.
Contact Your Network Admin.
(or try adjusting your QuickTime preference settings on your own.)  (

If you can see the QuickTime "clock", double check that you can see our streaming video.
If you can, you're all set!
If not, the problem may be on our end -  ( please email video support .  (

Need help? Visit the video test page or Email video support  (
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Last Reviewed: April 15, 2007