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March 9, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 5

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'Every Part of the Engine'
Panel Opens Dialogue on Ethnic Diversity in Medical Research

By Carla Garnett

Photos: Bill Branson

HEO President Larry Salas

Stop your Y2K preparations for a moment. Think farther into the future and consider human resources: Is NIH ready for 2050? Seems like a long way away, but in just a couple of generations from now, demographers forecast that the United States will cease to have a majority population. Will the NIH workforce reflect the diversity of the nation's population and be able to meet the health needs of such a people? Are those even relevant or reachable goals? Those were the main questions posed by a Feb. 11 panel discussion, "Ethnic Diversity in the Biomedical Research Community: Why is it important? How can it be achieved?"
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'Many Dreams...One America'
Diverse Mix Marks MLK Celebration

By Carla Garnett

Photos: Ernie Branson

EEOC Vice Chair Paul Igasaki delivers the keynote address at NIH's 1999 King celebration.

Personal testimony, impassioned speeches, spirited music and interpretive sign language. NIH's recent 1999 Celebration of the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had it all, perhaps as it should be to honor a man who saw and promoted the strength in diversity and fairness for all.
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