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June 15, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 12

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At Town Meeting
Bldg. 1 Makes Case for
NIH Graduate School

By Rich McManus

It took less than 15 minutes for NIH deputy director for intramural research Dr. Michael Gottesman and NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus to explain how the time is right for NIH to launch, perhaps as soon as a year from now, an NIH Graduate School that takes advantage of the strengths of the intramural programs, and NIH's ability to attract patients. It took another hour, however, at a special Town Meeting held May 24 in a packed Masur Auditorium, for the audience to digest the proposal, which has some formidable hurdles to clear, including the advisory committee to the director, the Department of Health and Human Services, Congress and the regional accrediting authority.
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Discovering a 'Fire in the Belly'
Fellows' Forum Looks at Science Careers Beyond the Bench

By Carla Garnett

If Polonius had been a woman, and his son Laertes a group of young scientists, then the recent NIH fellows committee workshop on careers would certainly have been a Shakespearean revival of Hamlet. Throughout the afternoon, a careful listener could hear voices of experience delivering the well-tested, sage advice: "This above all, to thine own self be true."
GenBank coordinator Dr. Ilene Mizrachi of NCBI is a postdoc who found an 'alternative' career.

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